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Financial Advent Calendar Day 17 Another List

You open this box, and it is another scroll, but on this is a list:

  1. Fix baseboards in the basement
  2. Fix the hole in the ceiling
  3. Put a gate in the back fence
  4. Repaint bedroom
  5. Replace windows
  6. …..

It’s a list of home repair projects around the house that need to be done. That is another part of financial planning for next year, for sure. If the project is a large cash outlay (say, like Windows), you had a better budget the money correctly, or you won’t get that project even started, let alone finished.

leaky pipe
Leaky Pipes

Yes, that is a partial list of home repair things I need to get done around the “Big Cajun Crab Shack.”

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  1. nancy (aka money coach)

    I’m starting to think “cautiously optimistic”, when translated for us common people, means “run for the hills!”

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