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Random Thoughts: Advent Marches On

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This week more fun and excitement on the stock markets and in the world of financial bail outs as well.

Random Thoughts for the Middle of Advent

This week a few very interesting posts:

  • I have known Michael James for over 10 years, yet I did not know that he and his wife had Separate Bank Accounts, interesting, you learn something new on the blogosphere every day. I don’t think I’d be telling a secret if I divulged they do not have separate beds.
  • Wise Bread asks the satirical question Is the Courtesy Flush Dead, but then points out the amount of water wasted by North Americans and their toilets, interesting plot twist.
  • Stats Canada put out a worrying post about the very slow increase in the amount of money in Privately Held Pension plans. Given the market volatility is NOT reflected in these numbers yet, it does not bode well for those in these plans.
  • Riscaro Insider talked about Fearing the Wrong Risks (with examples), which has some very interesting examples to think about.
  • Free Money Finance points out that Even the Rich Need Pawn Shops these days. Who stars at the Beverly Hills Pawn Shop? Eddie Murphy?
  • Ellen Roseman asked the question, is your New Cellphone or PDA not Working? She wants to know.
  • Larry MacDonald wrote about the Myth of Plunging Canadian House Prices, and how that is really not the case in Canada, at least.

Advent Financial Calendar Box Day 13

You open today’s box and there is a tiny new pair of shoes, which of course in Canada means a Budget. Advent is an excellent time to think about writing a budget for next year and thus start your financial plan for next year. In some homes Budget is a dirty word, but it is an essential tool if you feel that your spending is out of control, even if you don’t keep the budget exactly, it is still a way to measure your success financially.

Budget in Advent for the New Year.

Personal Finance Advent Calendar

The complete Personal Finance Advent Calendar box postings.


  • That One Caveman December 12, 2008, 9:37 AM

    Thanks for the mention. I’d like to see what your recommendations to Chelsea would be.

  • Michael James December 12, 2008, 8:32 AM

    Thanks for the mention. That’s right — separate bank accounts and zero bounced cheques.


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