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Advent Financial Calendar Day 20: House Plan

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Advent is slowly coming to a close, and the Christmas Festival begins on Sunday, and our Financial Calendar has very few boxes left for us to open.

 In today’s box, we find House Plan, complete with blueprints, cost estimates, the works. This plan has a few ways you can look at it as part of your financial journey:

  1. If you succeed in your financial journey, you may one day be able to afford building your Dream House where you and your family can live and prosper.
  2. For me this signifies the importance of a complete Plan for your Financial Journey. If you do not have a Financial Plan which is honest, and complete you cannot succeed and worse still, you cannot tell if you have succeeded as well (which is more important).
House Plans: Back View

Every week I write at least one article on the importance of Financial Planning, but I often don’t mention why it is so essential.

There is a line from a Tom Clancy novel that rings in my ears, “… if you don’t write it down, how do you know it happened…”, but better still if you don’t write down what your goals and plans are, how do you know if you are succeeding? That is the optimistic view you should take of any financial plan. It gives you the positive feedback that you are growing, or the Shepherdly tap on the shoulder to get back on track if you are not.

Make that Financial Plan for next year today, before Advent is over.

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