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Advent Financial Calendar Box Day 22

This is the final Sunday in Advent, and the festival of Christmas is almost at hand, so today’s box has something of great importance during this season. It is a DVD of one of my favourite movies, “The Shawshank Redemption” (amazon link).

You may be thinking that it is neither Advent, Financial or Christmassy. What does it have to do with this thematic premise? The movie is just a lovely gift. The critical part is Redemption.

One of those movies you have to watch (Amazon Link)

During Christmas, countless movies and stories are told where the main character finds Redemption in their life so they can begin again and live a happy and fulfilled life.

In a Christmas, Carol Scrooge discovers the true meaning of his wealth and the good he can do with it. In the Grinch, the season’s true significance comes to an odd furry character, and George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life, when he thinks the world has turned against him, he finds he is mistaken.

Advent is a time for Redemption both Spiritually and Financially. Past sins, mistakes and wrongdoings can be forgiven, and new habits and lifestyles can be forged if you wish. If you have poorly failed with your finances, now is an excellent time to start working on new ways in your personal finance to succeed.

As a note, Shawshank Redemption did have a Financial angle to it, as Andy Dufresne was, in fact, a Banker, and he did run a lot of shady financial “scams” while inside Shawshank Prison too.

Remember to “Get busy living.”

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