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Advent Financial Calendar Box Day 8

The 8th day of Advent seems like a big box, better be careful taking it down from the Calendar.

You open the box and find:

The Lamb

A Lamb? What is this dinner or something? NO!

The Lamb is to remind us Advent is a beginning, and the Lamb is a symbol of Christ, just to remind us what Christmas is supposed to be about. Remember what this season is supposed to be about when you are standing in line trying to buy your Wii Fit (yes, I have been there already).

Financially Advent (and the Lamb) can mean a new beginning, no matter how bad things seems to have gone in the past year, here is your chance to start anew, and make a new beginning. Time to forgive yourself your past financial blunders and decide that this year, you will try again and will succeed this time.

You could have Lamb for Christmas dinner, but that is more of an Easter thing really.

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