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Advent Financial Calendar: Box 9

Advent Financial Calendar Box Day 9

Today’s box contains a scroll of some sort. You unravel it and see that it is a Diploma with your child’s name on it.

Time to start thinking about your child’s higher Education now, when the task is not as daunting. Suppose you haven’t created an RESP in no time like the present, and best done before the end of the year, to maximize your grant possibilities. Talk to your bank or financial planner about what needs to be set up, but Education is the best gift you can give your child, and making sure they can go to University (if they wish) is something to start thinking about right now.

Read my postings about the high cost of University Education if you think this won’t be a significant expense.

I must admit this is a selfish gift for me.

That is What $50K Looks Like, and it’s beautiful.

Personal Finance Advent Calendar

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  1. debtreliefguy – I work for one of the largest Christian debt reduction companies in the United States today. We help individuals and small businesses get out of debt by negotiating directly with the creditors, saving your 30%-60% of what you currently owe.

    I always enjoy reading about the finances from our brothers to the north. I just wish our government would get back on track like yours has, with a balanced budget and little to no debt. Those were the days for us.

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