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Financial Advent Calendar Day 16

We open today’s box and find a small coffin. That’s a morbid symbol for Advent, but if we look at it on the Financial Side, we can ask, do you have enough Life Insurance? December (and Advent) is a good time to review how much life insurance you have and whether you have enough. You can consult with an insurance agent, but remember that 99% of them will try to sell you Whole Life insurance or some bizarre investment creatures, so keep that in mind.


I am not espousing whole life insurance or any variant therein. I suggest you review your Life Insurance coverage and decide whether there is enough insurance for you (and your spouse). Term insurance should be acceptable.

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Don’t buy Mortgage Insurance either! If you want insurance to cover that debt, buy more Term Insurance (usually cheaper).

Personal Finance Advent Calendar

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  1. I agree,

    The Rogers box ( even the top of the line HD PVR) is way past it’s time.

    I realize that they do not make this box, and according to the Scientific Atlanta site, this box is still the best one they have.

    The ROD service feels like I’m trying to play a videogame that is 10 years old.

    Rogers should push Sci-Atlanta for a new box – something with more horsepower and a better, less clunky UI.

    Though, on the other hand, rogers would probably try and sell that new HD box for $1000, or $50/month – crazy!

  2. I would actually look at this in reverse- Rogers on Demand is doomed because PVRs are giving the same service away for free (or at a nominal cost). ROD is a finicky system at best, and you’re limited to only those shows that are currently in the RD roster. Even if offerings expand significantly, it’s not offering a lot more than a PVR currently does. With PVR technology rapidly coming down in price, ROD is going to be tough pressed to stay competitive.

  3. IMHO Calendar Software cannot make money not only because of Yahoo and Google but also because of Mozilla Sunbird and other software giving it away for free

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