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Advent Financial Calendar Box Day 25

Welcome to Christmas Day, and this last box in our Personal Finance Advent Calendar holds a bunch of Loonies, which seems like an excellent way to end this calendar.

Do you own money or vice versa
Does it Own You, or do you own it?

These Loonies signify the importance some people put in money and how they work for it, but maybe it’s time to get your money to work for you and not have money run your life?

Look at all of that money in that box, but wait, they aren’t Loonies at all if you look closer. They are foil-covered chocolate money.

As a child, I enjoyed the surprises my mother used to put in my stocking for Christmas morning, and my wife continued this tradition in our family as well, and I always enjoyed the chocolate gold coins. When I was younger, these sweets were more important to me than real money. Maybe that is a good thing?

Make your money work for you, and don’t be a slave to your money.

With a good Financial Plan and a reasonable budget, money can be a tool, not your master. Remember that this time of the year.

Remember, in these times. Thrift is the new Chic!

Personal Finance Advent Calendar

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