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Truly Canadian Issues, Ultra HD TV, Car Loans and #FreeFormFriday

This week I had a uniquely Canadian Problem, with a frozen lock. I had to go to the Canadian Tire to buy some lock de-icer to get the lock open, but it wasn’t my car, nor was it my front door, but it was for the lock on my Super Mailbox cubicle. Not only do I not get mail to my door, I have to fight to get the mail from the box ? Remarkably a truly Canadian moment (I should make a video short for this one and see if the NFB will put it up on their site).

I hate these things!

Did you realize that your puny 60 inch 1080p HD TV is going to be obsolete soon? Yes, there is an actual Ultra HD format and there are TV manufacturers making displays that support it, and you can find content in that format too (Monsters University if you get the Electronic Format, it includes an Ultra HD version). Your screens resolution ends up being 7680×4320 pixels and soon you will get 120 Frames Per Second. Given my lousy eye site I have no idea if this is a good thing or not!

TD is getting some very bad press after it was learned that they charged a couple 25% as an interest rate on their car loan. That seems a little high, even for a car loan. My only question is, why did they take the loan?

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  1. My 33 inch tv was bought in 1989, and is still going strong, but will soon be obsolete. I cannot plug in any of the new console gaming machines and so their blueray capabilities remains out of my reach. But the tv works! Why replace it if it works?
    It is a heavy beast and is a 2 person lift. So when it comes time to get rid of it, it will be a tough slog to get it out of here to bring to the recycle depot. When I replace it, I am limited in size of tv I can throw in my cabinet as well. SOME 50 inch tvs will fit but not all! a 46 would be able to fit ok though. This will be just in time to be obsolescent again when this new format comes out. But spending $2500 for a tv is just not within my means so a regular HD tv will just have to do for now, that is, when I decide to replace my beast!

  2. Phew….glad my smaller 42″ HDTV is still relevant. Please don’t burst my bubble….

    I also heard about the TD-bad-loan-stuff. Not exactly brand-making news. Yikes.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the mention.

  3. I’ve never had a frozen lock on my super box before but I have left the key in the lock for days at a time. The key was still in the lock when I returned. Inside the mailbox, junk mail, of course.

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