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Time Off, Elections, Victoria Day and #FreeFormFridays

After a few days off this week, helping celebrate my middle daughter’s graduation from the University of Acadia, I have returned, refreshed with some different ideas, we shall see if anything comes of it. I did enjoy visiting Wolfville, and it’s views of the Bay of Fundy, and we stayed in Windsor, (one of) the birthplace(s) of hockey. I was glad we flew down and I didn’t have to drive 17 hours in each direction (approximately). As a note, I have included a video about the S.M.I.L.E. program at Acadia, for those parents with special needs kids (in the Nova Scotia area), later on in this post.

The Acadia Axe Man
The Acadia Axe Man, not the RedBlacks Big Jos

Ontario is currently in the midst of a politically charged atmosphere, where recent polls indicate that the Tories are in the lead. However, I am baffled at the proposed plan of Tim Hudak, who wants to create a million jobs while simultaneously firing 100,000 civil servants and teachers. This “more is less” economics seems irrational to me, and it’s no surprise that the Liberals are trailing in second place. Frankly, none of the parties appeal to me, and I can’t help but imagine the voters holding their noses as they cast their ballots. Perhaps it’s time to start a Wacky Trillium Party, similar to the Wild Rose group in Alberta? On a more concerning note, the CRA might soon be able to share your tax information with law enforcement without requiring a warrant, which is a breach of privacy. It’s unacceptable that the police can access my tax information, especially since they don’t need to know that I declare my hamsters as dependents! It’s surprising that no one is speaking out against this violation of privacy rules. Finally, the Victoria Day weekend is here, which is unusual considering that May 24th is next Saturday. Nonetheless, it’s a long weekend for Canadians. Keep in mind that Memorial Day in the U.S. is next weekend.

My Writings for Week Ending May 16th

I did enjoy taking a few days off, but I did manage to get a couple of posts done:

This Week’s Finest

Some interesting stuff going on in the web, as you will see :

  • How do Poker Players get better? The Atlantic talks about Where the Card Sharks Feed, you need to learn from your mistakes, and completely forget your “gut” and know the math!
  • I don’t agree with Scott Adams on a lot of his ideas, but I am inclined to agree with his statement that Big Goals are For Losers, typically all my “big” plans have ended very differently than what I had imagined (sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse).
  • Many folks have tried to convince me that being a landlord and owning income properties is the way to live, I know enough people who own properties and it is just too much damn work, but Mark from Blunt Bean Counter helps my argument with Rental Properties – Everything You Always Wanted to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask
  • If you are an investor in stocks how many should you hold? Michael James does some useful number crunching with The Cost of Portfolio Concentration, this is why I buy Index Funds.
  • Dividends, what are they good for? If you ask that, you had better pop over to My Own Advisor and check out Mark’s Dividend Tax Credit 101, to help get this straight in your head.
  • An interesting breakthrough in the storage of frozen blood may show How to Boost Blood Supplies, and thus stop having to discard “old” blood.
  • What are the Best Money Tips Ever ? Barry from Money we have hits a few of the important ones, with a useful video as well. He did miss, “Don’t take any wooden nickels”, but we’ll forgive him that one.
  • Speaking of blood, MIT Tech review wonders Can Compounds in Young Blood Fix Aging?
  • Do you stop trusting a company or store if they screw up with your personal info? Study: Data Breaches Make Huge Impact On Brand Reputation, seems to think you lose faith quickly.
  • I learned a few things while in Nova Scotia: Windsor is one of the many towns that claims to be the birthplace of hockey and you can’t get Keith’s Cider in Nova Scotia. Wild!
  • Preet writes in the Globe Your 2014 financial spring cleaning checklist: Get on it, a bit pushy title, but well worth ogling as well.
  • The Harvard Business review revisits the Marshmallow Test with The Surprising Power of Impulse Control, and that most successful folks (in all aspects of life) have impulse control. Can I just have that 1 marshmallow please?

The Acadia S.M.I.L.E. Program

My daughter had the privilege to work in the S.M.I.L.E. program at Acadia for her four years at the school, and I think it was very worthwhile for her to volunteer. The program is a god send for the Parents of Special Needs kids in Nova Scotia. There needs to be more programs like this across Canada.

The Bay of Fundy

One of the most amazing parts of my trip was seeing the Bay of Fundy and it’s world famous tides:

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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  1. I enjoyed your posts from this week. Good job getting some of your work out there despite all that was going on. Congrats for your daughter’s graduation.

  2. Great point about the CRA and the police. I know the police themselves can advise the CRA to conduct an audit but that information should remain confidential. Only a suitable warrant should be allowed those records

  3. You could be onto something with the Wacky Trillium Party. Perhaps run on a platform of increasing the financial literacy of the people of Ontario? Of course, you will probably have the MFDA running attack ads against you…

  4. Smile program looks great. Thanks for sharing. Congrats to your daughter! Nice milestone achieved.

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