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Easter is Here and a Saturday #BestOf for the Weekend

Easter is here, the most important festival in the Christian religion (sorry, Christmas, without Easter, you don’t have Christianity). I haven’t written too much about it this year, but to me this is a time of renewal and restarting things, which I am going to try to do (both health wise and financial wise).

On this Holy Weekend What is the True Faith of Investing?
On this Holy Weekend What is the True Faith of Investing?

As a die-hard sports fanatic, this is the best time of the year with both the thrilling Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs taking place. I can’t help but tune in to Premiership Soccer on Saturday mornings, and Formula 1 is currently in full throttle with its one-of-a-kind cars. Plus, my interest in baseball has been rekindled, having grown up just a stone’s throw away from Jarry Park, the original home of the Expos in Montreal. Although my wife isn’t the biggest fan, she knows how to keep herself busy while I indulge in my passion for sports.

Even with the delay caused by the Heartbleed bug, you still should be finalizing your taxes, get to it, you have a long weekend to get it done!

If you followed my Twitter feed you saw a very saucy discussion with Squawkfox that ended with an interesting photo with citrus and lingerie involved, see what you miss when you don’t follow me?

My Writings for Week Ending April 19th

We have seen all seasons this week in Ottawa, with snow, and 24C temperatures, Spring is never dull around here that is for sure.

Spring Financial Cleaning

Quicken is a very useful tool, but you must be diligent keeping your accounts up to date, or you will end up with a lost weekend the way I did, last weekend.

Are We Running Out of SIN ?

Not sure if we are or not, but I did learn a great deal more about how Canada’s Social Insurance Numbers are coded, but it will be interesting to see how long only 9 digits last.

Tax Confusion and Delays

Thanks to the Heartbleed bug we have a little longer to pay our taxes (if we owe money), and I found a nifty picture on the CRA site showing their electronic archives for all of our returns (OK only a geek like me would think it was cool).

DIY Balanced Funds for Investing

Can you actually justify being charged a 2.55% Management Fee? Why not make your own Balanced Fund?

Good Friday

You got a preview of my FAVES page with this post as well.

Cornucopia Section

Evidently Preet is spending his long weekend designing a web site, Michael James is chuckling somewhere:

Peeps Ahoy

Chris Pirillo gives us how to destroy Peeps, an Easter tradition:

British Pathe on Youtube

Amazing to think that we used to only get our news from newsreels, and British Pathe was the Google of their time for media, so here are a few very interesting Pathe shorts for your enjoyment:

Did you realize that a bomber once flew into the Empire State Building? This is 56 years before 9/11.

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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