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More Olympics, Budgets, Love Day and #FreeFormFridays

First let me wish you and your loved ones a very merry Love Day, hopefully you have bankrupted yourself to your lovers delight, and you will end up wearing boxer shorts wearing red hearts (at the end of the day). Yes a very disturbing image if you know me. Don’t get me wrong Valentine’s Day makes my life as a Financial Whiner Blogger much easier: so many things to complain about.

Valentines Day
An Apropos Sentiment

Valentine’s Day also was my parent’s wedding anniversary, so for me, it is a much more special day than just a reason to send flowers.

Seems the Conservative Party has put a stake in the ground and has started campaigning for the next election (early). The crosshairs for spending cuts are who(m)? Why Civil Servants for one, and of course Retired Civil Servants as well. Take your shots at the Civil Service if you wish, we have a Union and such, and I will enjoy watching how the Government plan on trying to topple the Tower of Sick Leave that previous Governments allowed to grow, but c’mon folks, going after Retired Folks Medical Premiums? That is getting a little much. Let us hope there is a sensible roll-out, where this affects (effects) older retirees LESS, or better still make new retirees take the initial brunt of the increase.

I will have a further discussion of the good things in the budget for folks with disabled loved ones, and such next week.

I felt quite chuffed when Tony Clement replied to my Tweet about Increasing the Cost of Retirees medical benefits on Wednesday.

The Olympics continue on with fun stories, heart warming stories and down right odd stuff too. The Canadian Coach that gave a Russian Cross-Country skier a ski, to finish a race was so typically Canadian. Seeing Alex Bilodeau win at moguls was also a fun time to watch, but then you have the poor Canadian Biathlon competitor who fell while in first place. Anyone want to explain why a sport that looks like it came out of Duck Dynasty is in the Olympics (“C’mon Uncle Cy, let’s go ski ’round the woods and shoot things!”)? Yes it is more of a sport than Curling, Ballroom Dancing, or Dressage but c’mon.

My Weekly Recap

My Writings for Week Ending February 14th Love is in the Air (or is that melting dog poop

Unemployment Down, but not that good news to start 2014

Better news from Stats Canada about the job situation, but still a world of improvement is possible in Canada. New Budget points directly to it.

Canadian Consumer Debt Load at $1.4 Trillion

Equifax published these numbers which shows us increasing our consumer debt again, which isn’t that good news either.

This Week’s Magic Number is 85

85 is not just the product of 17 and 5 any more!

Last Minute Financial Love Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is just like Christmas for me, in that I complain and whine about it, and write sarcastic posts.

Swiss Army Knife Section

It was 17C in Sochi this week, let’s bring the Winter Olympics to Ottawa if it means it can be 17C in February:

Wide World of Sports

The ESPN generation wouldn’t recognize this, but to ME, this meant sports on TV #BornInThe60s

Lava is Powerful

And finally, a can of Ravioli consumed by Lava:

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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