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Lake Effect Snow, Web Cameras, Travel Insurance and #BestThisWeek

We got to see what Lake Effect Snow means with some vivid photos of Buffalo getting buried by 7 feet of snow. They are getting more snow today. This is why I am happy that Ottawa only has a river running through it. The worst part of this is that it might rain in Buffalo putting all roofs in the area in peril (7 feet of heavy wet snow is not what anyhow is designed to support).

Winter Sucks
Mr. Cardinal Confirms, Winter Sucks

Enjoy  your web cams and such? The laptop I am typing on has one pointed right at me, but evidently our Russian hacking friends have sites from hacked cameras that folks can go and check. You know how to fix this (aside from having good anti-virus and security), cover the camera up with a piece of paper and tape, or point your web cams elsewhere when you aren’t using it.

A couple in Alberta learned just how expensive medical costs are in the US, when their bundle of joy showed up 9 weeks prematurely, and they are now stuck with an almost $900K bill, that their insurance provider (Blue Cross) refuses to pay. Travel insurance is always a tricky world, always be sure you are covered

My Writings for Week Ending November 21st

Winter has come with snow and all of that, but luckily this is Ottawa, so it is supposed to rain on Monday. Note that I am experimenting with a new grading system for comments (so far I only have Gold Stars, but I will be looking to expand that capability very soon).

This Week’s Finest

The football game in Buffalo has been moved, as there is a little too much snow on the ground.

  • Remember the good old days when you put your money in Savings Bonds (hell I remember when CSBs paid 19% one year), well Mark from 2nd Career Search points out that in the US Savings Bonds – A Blast from the Past, are not that bad an investment.
  • Speaking of Bonds, the Bank of Canada is bringing back their Ultra-Long Bond, which matures in 2064, might buy one so I have a little cash on my 104th birthday.
  • Marie at Boomer and Echo is trying to educate for financial literacy (for those about to retire) with Converting an RRSP to an RRIF: What You Need to Know, if you are old like me, you need to read this.
  • Popular Mechanics brings us 110 Best DIY Tips Ever, never let it be said I am not trying to educate and enlighten for work around the house.
  • I miss reading the Canadian Capitalist’s posts, so I went rummaging into his archive and found Marking a Low Cost Portfolio even cheaper. Saving on investing costs is what is going to help you get ahead of the Joneses in terms of retirement funds.
  • Strangely Norbert’s Gambit is not a cool new Sci-Fi series, it is a way to save money with US Dollar to Canadian Dollar echanges, and thanks to Million Dollar Journey for helping clarify that for me.
  • Barry from Money We Have lets us in on 6 Bank Secrets to be Aware of, and yes fees can really be waved (spoiler alert).
  • Speaking of really great book title how about Get Sh*t Done (amazon link)? Not even sure what the book is about, but I want that book.
  • Kerry from Squawkfox helps us prepare for Black Friday, with 5 Budget-friendly Tactics for  Surviving Black Friday, it’s only a week away!
  • Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter is recovering from a trip to South Africa but he was in the news with BDO merges with Cunningham LLP to expand in the Greater Toronto Area good luck in your new endeavors Mark!
  • If you will earn almost $30 Million dollars, could you end up bankrupt? Evidently if you let your parents take care of your money you could end up like NHL Player Jack Johnson from the Columbus Blue Jackets, who is declaring bankruptcy.
  • Mark from My Own Advisor has a good article for Financial Literacy month with Mortgage Tips for Homeowners of all ages.
  • Michael James writes about the Core and Explore investment strategy, which I think I understand why someone would do it, but having done far too much “exploring” in my youth I have a mostly Core strategy now.
  • Preet shows that Torontonians just “Don’t Know Snow” with his photo montage complaining about a little snow, Toughen up Toronto, winter is a comin’!
Yo Yo Yo Snow!
Toronto from one day to the next (Courtesy Preet B.)

Can You Tell if they are Lying?

An interesting Ted ed episode pointing out some of the traits of liars.

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

My Twitter feed is where I re-tweet many great articles by some of my featured writers (and make the occasional odd or off colour commentary on life (in 140 characters or less)).

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