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Spring Has Sprung, March Madness, Celebrity Blogger and #FreeFormFridays

Today is the first complete day of Spring! You would never guess that might be the case here in Ottawa, with still large amounts of snow, and cold temperatures, but it is Spring (gosh darn it!).

Saw this in My Backyard, I think I agree
Saw this in My Backyard, I think I agree

March Madness has begun as well, much to the Chagrin of my wife (basketball all day all weekend!). Yesterday I published my bracket, which I hope folks do not view as my recommendations, I simply included it as part of the post to show that I am a hypocrite, as well as a Basketball fan (i.e. complaining about how NCAA athletes are working in “indentured servitude” and then watching the games).

If you haven’t picked up a copy of this month’s Money Sense magazine you are missing another opportunity to see a picture of me, and read my views on RDSPs (yes, you can come here and get that for free). The article was written by David Hodges and their is a picture of me and my son (who’s name is Rhys not RhysE as is published in the magazine) which is quite good. I have had a few of my blogging peers comment that I am now a celebrity blogger, somehow I think not. I am thinking of adding a block with a graphic with the following:

Big Cajun Man as seen in the Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and Money Sense Magazine!

It hasn’t really caused my web servers to crash due to the new readership, oh well.

Farewell to Jim Flaherty to as Finance Minister, as well. Couldn’t have been an easy job, given the times he had the job, and his health issues. Thanks for being fiscally conservative Jim, I think, that is what the country needed at the time.

My Weekly Recap

My Writings for Week Ending March 21st
Spring Has Spring, the Grass Has Riz !

Should You Consolidate Student Loans into Your Mortgage?

The whole idea of consolidation makes me ill, so adding in a loan that has interest payments that are tax write offs, to a mortgage (in Canada) makes no sense.

Read Your Home Insurance Renewal Notices

Things have changed in Canada this year, so read over what is (and is NOT) covered in your home insurance policies this year.

Retirement Dos and Donts

There are no Trolls working at the CRA that I have seen (maybe they work under a bridge somewhere, but from my vantage point none work in their buildings).

Let the Madness Commence !

Who gets paid for all these basketball games? It sure is not the players!

Swiss Army Knife Section

As basketball goes, they play it in Switzerland, but haven’t heard of any NBA players being from Switzerland:

LEGO Dreams

A young lad from Iceland (with Autism) has big LEGO dreams (Titanic size):

Jordan vs. Motumbo

Did Michael Jordan ever dunk over Dikembe Motumbo? I think the answer is Yes.

Farewell Jim Flaherty

CBC’s point of view on Minister Flaherty stepping down:

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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  1. Just remember the other less notable, far from famous bloggers slaving away to make a name for themselves when you work your way up the media ladder.

    Have a great weekend,

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