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Autumn , United Kingdom, Beer Money, and #theBestFin4TheWeek

It’s currently autumn here in Ottawa and I’m excited to see the leaves changing color and feel the chill in the air. The Members of Parliament have returned to work for their 20-day session before Christmas and I’m sure there’s a lot of activity going on down on Rideau Street, with repairs being carried out on the Houses of Parliament and other buildings. However, what happens in the House of Commons remains a mystery to me. Fortunately, we also have a municipal election coming up and my lookalike Jim Watson is expected to win re-election, but I must admit, I’m not too fazed by that. I know that I need to lose some weight if I want to be mistaken for him again, along with shaving off my beard, but that’s not going to stop me from trying!

Sandy McTire
It’s Sandy McTire
from Canadian Tire

The United Kingdom remained together, but what will this mean in terms of powers given to Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands? Should be an exciting bit of Political Flim Flammery, as what keeps happening with Quebec Sovereignty. Stay tuned; I am sure that will also get back on the front burner.

The Ottawa Senators sold the naming rights to Canadian Tire for the arena in Kanata, and then the Sens made a tremendous announcement this week. At the Canadian Tire Center (during the exhibition season at least), you will be able to pay for your concessions (including beer) with Canadian Tire Money! Suddenly Sandy McTire can buy me a brew for all the stuff I have bought at his store. In celebration, the Sens beat the Leafs twice, causing Leaf Nation to explode in a flurry of finger-pointing.

My Writings for Week Ending September 26th

Autumn is in the air, which means leaving and figuring out how to get my car back into my garage.

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This Week’s Finest

Snoopy and Infinite Loop
Autumn in Ottawa

Some of the finest rain will fall this Autumn in Ottawa.

Stop liars Cold

In 1 minute this helpful video helps you make sure that what you are being told is not a lie, very useful, stuff and it will only take a minute of your time.

How Old Am I?

This was HIGH TECH in my day, look, no punched cards!!

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