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Home Despot, iPhones, and #theBestFin4TheWeek

Home Depot lost my personal information, so now I got free Equifax? I still don’t think it’s a fair trade. Reminds me of a bad joke by Henny Youngman:

Someone stole all my wife’s credit cards, but I won’t be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did.

Henny Youngman (a classic)

That’s not very funny anymore, but at least it’s topical? Oh, and remember it is not just Home Depot card users that are hit with the data breach, it is anyone who used any credit card in a Home Depot in the past few months.

Old Cell Phone
Not a Photo of the new iPhone.

The new iPhone 6.0 is out and everyone is flocking to the Apple Store to be the first one in line to have one of these technological marvels. It has more computing power than all the computers on the Apollo space mission, but can I figure out how to turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, Notifications and keep it from running up a huge data bill? This is the question I would like answered! (Yes, I know how to do this, but it is not as easy as you might think). Hipsters are flipping their straw hats in Starbucks, whilst sipping their Hot Frappucinno Skinny Lattes over this new piece of Marketing-ware. I am sure I’ll end up with a newer phone some day, but I have just spent 2 weeks making Apple repair my “Sleep Button” and “Battery” recall issues on my iPhone 5.0, so I will be happy with the old technology I have.

Yesterday was the 13th  anniversary of a day that changed the world, to it seems still very brilliant in my fading memory, the day, where I was, how the day transpired, but let us hope for a better day today.

My Writings for Week Ending September 12th

Autumn leaves are appearing here, and there soon will be a chill that only means one thing, the Fall is coming.

  • In your financial life there are plenty of Questions, but what if I gave you the Answer could you figure out the Financial Question Associated with it?
  • Nothing in life is Free, and my Free Equifax subscription came at a steep cost, as you can read about in Free is a Good Price (but sometimes is still too expensive).
  • The new iPhone 6.0 is causing the normal amount of Hoopla with the Apple Hipster crowd, so I figured I’d join in with Apple Pay and Near Field Communication, so now you can use your phone to empty your bank account (and surprisingly not on Cell Phone Fees (only)). What security problems could there be? This is Apple, think how safe all those dodgy celebrity photos were in the Cloud?

This Week’s Finest

With Ebola, ISIS, and troubles in Ukraine, the world continues to be a worrisome place, but luckily the Fraser Institute came out with a new info-graphic to help calm your retirement concerns:

Walking Fingers
Do Fingers Walk Any More?

John Oliver on Student Debt

I do like John Oliver’s point of view, very refreshing, and all said with a lovely English accent.

John Oliver on Student Debt

My Twitter feed is where I re-tweet many great articles by some of my featured writers (and make the occasional odd or off-colour commentary on life (in 140 characters or less)).

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I’m sorry I missed this (I didn’t get a ping back). I’m still trying to find my blogging mojo while working FT. How do you do it?

  2. Last Week Tonight is brilliant, even better that you can watch for free online instead of spending $20 a month for HBO. When does the pick and pay cable option start again?

    Thanks for the mention!

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