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Rain, Budgets, Bloggers Meeting, May Day and #FreeFormFridays

Clearly, Ottawa is in the midst of a quagmire of mud, cold, and rain, which can only mean one thing – Spring has arrived, that magical time before the heatwave. After years of complaints about the city being too dry, it seems that the powers that be have finally heeded the call for rain. Not even the ducks seem particularly pleased with this weather.

Budget time in Ontario, and all you rich buggers are gonna pay! Yes if you make over $15oK, you will get taxed higher, if you fly in a plane a higher tax on jet fuel, higher taxes on ciggies, and lots of spending!!! Good times, my guess is they are just trying to force an election, but then again, who knows?

The N.C.F.B.A. met on Wednesday evening, lots of interesting topics, and the usual crew was there with Michael James, Preet B., The Canadian Capitalist, Mark from My Own Advisor, Larry MacDonald, and Rob Carrick (an honorary member of the financial hot stove discussions). Topics discussed?

  • Real Estate in Toronto
  • Atrociously Dangerous Investment advice to Seniors
  • Next generation trading ideas (robo-analysts)
  • How Preet is mistaken for Peter Mansbridge a great deal
  • The Poutine Festival here in Ottawa
  • On Line trading sites for the banks and how some are just not trying any more (i.e. look the same and do the same as they did 10 years ago)
  • Disability consulting companies and my fervent dislike of them

All in all a fun time had by me.

Belated Happy May Day salutations to my Union brother and sisters out there. I wanted to be in Red Square to celebrate appropriately, however, I couldn’t get the time off work.

My Writings for Week Ending May 2nd

Glad to hear Mayor Rob Ford is going to get some help, and in other news Jim Watson Mayor of Ottawa has admitted he has a Poutine problem:

This Week’s Finest

The Financial Jabberwock has been slain but he may return one day :

EQ Bank Savings Account
No Bank Fees here though

Tax Time Again

Indeed Rick Mercer deserves an award for this video:


A young lady broke her ankle rounding first on a home run, so the opposing team carried her the rest of the way around the basepath.

For the Meccano Lovers Out there

A fun clip was done by yours truly from the Ottawa Model Train Expo 2014, with some amazing Meccano creations

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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  1. BCM, I like your take on the new look “This look says, I am not just some boring accountant, I roll up my sleeves and get things done!” It beats the u look like a superhero escaping from a jar of beans.

    Anyways, far to many financial writters and bloggers from Ottawa, with warped distorted views, we need more real views from TO 🙂

    1. Folks from Toronto seem to think you should overpay for all houses, and get into bidding wars for condemned cottages? Rob Carrick is a former Torontonian, and Preet lives there so we got a Toronto perspective on things. I am still not sure about this whole Lobster Poutine thing tho….

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