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Don Quixote, Tax Time, Cheap Mortgages and #FreeFormFridays

Don Quixote has dismounted from his trusty steed, and I see that my ranting about Banks and RDSPs got no notice by anyone. I suppose I’ll have to resharpen my lance and try again soon to get banks to make the whole RDSP easier to use. Fear, not Don Quixote, is not giving up. He is just taking a rest for now. I did find out the National Bank might offer something. I also include the Tweet I sent to TD, which has not been responded to (as of yet):

No reply to this one

Remember it is tax time real soon now, and you should be putting those final touches on your tax returns for 2013. The later you file, the longer it will take to receive any refund (if you owe money, you can still file now, you only have to pay on the deadline date (via online banking)). You have until April 30th to file this year, so don’t procrastinate much more.

Holy cow, Mortgage rates are dropping again. You can have a BMO mortgage for 2.909% over five years, is now the time to lock in? I can’t see where it can get much lower, can you?

Notice a change on the site? There is a new Tab on the menu at the top for RESP, not just RESP but RESP and University Costs. I have compiled some of my most good rants about RESPs and the cost of University education. Enjoy.

For those wondering, Russell Crowe is the next Charleton Heston starring in a Biblical Epic Noah! after appearing in Gladiator. Will he be doing a remake of the Classic The Omega Man or maybe Soylent Green? SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!

My Writings for Week Ending March 28st

Whoever is Singing “Let it Snow” Can Stop Now!

All Sheep will be Fleeced, all Fools will be Punished Severely

I was unaware that Hunter S. Thompson was such a March Madness fan, but his words do sound a lot like a Hypothetical Hedge Fund Manager as well.

Fill in the Darn Forms

Is it that hard to fill out a form to get a rebate? Evidently for some folks it just might be.

Disability Tax Credit: Please Do It Yourself

The stories I have read about these firms disgust me and I really do hope they all go out of business.

RDSP: Banking Challenge Ignored

I guess I am not as famous a financial blogger as I thought, given I have been thoroughly ignored by all banks and now MPs as well.

Swiss Army Knife Section

Maybe it is spring in Switzerland, but it sure as heck isn’t in Ottawa:

March Madness

The Onion discusses the NCAA looking into expanding March Madness to 4096 teams:

Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

One of my favourite new Muppet numbers:

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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  1. Leonard @ The Wallet Doctor

    Lots of interesting stuff here. Hopefully everyone’s wrapping up, or already submitted those taxes. Waiting to the last moment isn’t good for anybody!

  2. Thanks for the mention! Just for the record, I think you’ll need > $1 M to retire on, at least I will outside my pension plan.

    The article was a counter to my claim. 🙂


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