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Giveaways, Oil tanks, Eagles and #FreeFormFriday

Yes, I am actually giving stuff away and this time it is easy to get a free online version of TurboTax just go to my article Turbo Tax Giveaway: What would you Rather be Doing, leave a comment and you might win one of 5 licenses I have for TurboTax on-line. There are already some amazing responses there, and some that have me wondering just what goes on in the minds of some of my readers, I think in a macabre way I feel closer to them (because I wish I’d written some of those comments).

I spent Sunday helping my Mum out with an oil leak in her basement. Luckily it looks like her insurance will be covering most of it, but that is because she had replaced her oil tank when the insurance company told her to, a while ago. If you have an oil tank in your basement, it would be well worth having it inspected regularly, and make sure your Home Insurance policy covers this kind of problem. Oh and for contractors who like to try to strong-arm seniors into stuff they don’t need, I really hope there is a special part of purgatory where they get to live inside of an oil tank for a few millenniums.

The Original Eagles

And here is my happy part of Ottawa, the local football team decided that calling themselves Redskins was bad form (after they were being sued by a First-Nations chap), so they decided to change their name. As background in Nepean, there is a very successful Little League team called the East Nepean Eagles. This team (in fact) about 9 years ago represented Canada at the World Little League Championships in Williamsport (one of Michael James’ sons played on that very team). The football team couldn’t decide what to rename themselves, so can you guess what name they took? You guessed it The Nepean Eagles, after all in a city that had a team called the Rough Riders, when in fact there was already a Roughriders team, how could that be confusing? Needless to say, this is gonna get mighty messy this summer.

My Weekly Recap

My Writings for Week Ending January 17th

What Kind of a Year Starts Like This?

Ugly Job Numbers to End 2013

Even more of a commentary on how this year is starting (or more specifically how 2013 ended).

TurboTax Giveaway: What would you rather be doing?

Like I said, free tax software, for a pithy comment.

The Principal is always Your Pal

For a while no one could comment on this article, not sure why, but it seems to be fixed now.

Gosh Darn it! CPP & EI Again!!!

I hate it when CPP and EI premiums start up on my real pay cheque again. Yes, this site does not keep me in the lifestyle which I so richly enjoy.

Swiss Army Knife Section

Some very interesting ideas brought forward this week:

That’s a lot of Coins

Ted Talks: How to Make Choosing Easier

Why can’t we decide what to buy? Too many damn choices!!!

What does 2014 Hold Financially?

Peter Mansbridge has a panel with Preet, Amanda Lang and some other folks.

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Alan. The new (for me, it’s a while since I visited) template looks very clean. And yes, I’m going to restart blogging a bit more regularly now that my other projects are winding down.

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