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#Selfies, Quebec Election, Big Joe, Awareness, and #FreeFormFridays

After seeing that Prince Andrew is jumping on the Self-Portrait bandwagon and someone else is having #Selfie Day, I do believe that fad has run its race and is done. It is a rather damning statement that we are into pictures of ourselves, seems the 21st Century is trying to out do the ME Century (20th Century).

The Worst #Selfie Ever!

The Quebec Election is just around the corner, and everyone eagerly anticipates what the Quebec voters will do. As a proud Quebec native, I cannot wait to witness how the rest of Canada will try to explain this election. Let’s not forget that Quebec surprised everyone with the Orange Tide in the last Federal election, and now we are left wondering what they will do Provincially. While some of us may have hoped for the Rhinoceros Party to make a comeback, regardless of the outcome, the rest of Canada will be left scratching their heads and thinking, “What were they thinking?”.

Ottawa has been embroiled in a heated controversy over the name of a football team mascot that bears a striking resemblance to the Acadia Axeman. The original name for the mascot was Big Joe Mufferaw, a nod to the classic Stompin’ Tom song (see video below), but it was later withdrawn. The mascot is now officially known as “Large Man with Axe,” although it is still commonly referred to as Big Joe. The name change was made due to the mispronunciation of a French Canadian name, and it has sparked a fierce debate among fans.

It was Autism awareness day on Wednesday, I didn’t write anything specific for it, since Autism Awareness is every day in the C8j homestead. I did post my previous rant about Autism & Advice, and it is important to understand that it looks like we have a generation which will include a lot of “different thinking” individuals, maybe we need to start thinking how this might work? I did wear Blue Underwear on the day, but I am not sure that counts as showing solidarity.

My Writings for Week Ending April 5th

Spring may finally have come back to Ottawa!

Inflation at 1.1%, That is Low for February

Low numbers from Stats Canada, yet prices keep going up, and I feel like I have less money, wonder if they take that into consideration?

Pay Day Loan Mortgages Revisited

A very ham-handed attempt at an April Fool’s joke, most folks read through it, wonder what someone might think of it if they read it on July 1st?

Tax Haiku

Yes, when I have nothing else to write and I have no ideas, I fall back on my Poetic roots. Having Welsh ancestry I just channel my inner Dylan Thomas (and drink myself into a stupor).

Long Distance Laptop Repair

Maybe it would have been better to just buy my daughters two computers at the start of school, and avoid having this problem?

Cornucopia Section

A veritable horn of plenty of interesting articles from the finance (and other categories) world:

Mufferaw Joe

Only in Ottawa could you have a controversy about the name of a Football team’s mascot:

A New Monty Python Video

It is called the Silly Walk Song, however, the chorus is “Money is the root of evil”, so very topical too!

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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  1. Sean Cooper, Financial Freelance Writer and Blogger

    A vote for a PQ is a vote for separatism. Madame Marois made that clear with her choice of a star candidate. It’s funny how the second separatism became the key election issue the PQ’s support dropped like a rock. I wrote a recent article you may find interesting about the economic impact of Quebec as nation. Let’s just say it’s not a pretty picture:

    1. Interesting, but as a former Quebecer nothing new either. The implications to the rest of Canada would be an interesting expose as well. Many Canadians paint a Canada without Quebec as a Utopia of sorts, I don’t agree, but hopefully we won’t have to find out either.

  2. Yes, let’s see what happens with this election. It seems the PQ campaign has been all over the map but I can’t say I’m disappointed.

    The whole Joe Mufferaw situation is just political-correctness-gone-crazy. I heard some season ticket holders were so fed up they were cancelling their tickets. Haven’t heard anything further from Jeff Hunt, but I guess he has no choice. I suppose one could argue that Stompin’ Tom had it wrong and no point in repeating the same mistake.

    Thanks for the Monty Python vid.

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