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Polar Vorteces, Olympics, Mayors and #FreeFormFridays

The talking heads are calling it a Polar Vortex, but in Canada, we call it the Winter. Yes it’s cold, yes it’s not nice, however, this is not abnormal, if it was +10C that would be weird, -30C highs in Ottawa in January are Normal folks. Don’t like it? I hear houses are cheap in Florida and Arizona right now. These are the days that make me appreciate the summer that much more.

More threats made on the Sochi Olympics by various folks (not just George Takei) could make it a very interesting International Sporting Event to watch. My hope is it does not turn into a Munich like situation (or even an Atlanta), but it remains to be seen how this all will play out.

Rob Ford got bored and decided he wanted to get into the news again? That is all I can figure out after watching Mayor Ford’s latest intoxicated rant which is sweeping the web.  Jim Watson seems like quite a dull chap (even though I have been told he looks a great deal like me) in comparison to this, maybe the Mayor of Ottawa should get the same publicist as the Mayor of Toronto? Maybe not.

My Weekly Recap

My Writings for Week Ending January 24th When Ice sounds like Glass on the Road, it’s Winter

Best Budgeting Tip?

Don’t spend more than you make? Is that not a budgeting tip?

RDSP: Question for Canadian Big Banks

Haven’t heard a word from any of the big investment houses on this one, so I guess TD Waterhouse is the only choice, right now.

Ideal Portfolios?

What is the best portfolio? Whatever you want to choose, and whatever makes you comfortable is the short answer.

Financial Worries Counted and Compelled

Another title I claim is unofficial Dr. Financial Feelgood of the Web, so here is another odd bit of psychological advice.

Swiss Army Knife Section

Walmart and Social Media

Some very interesting ideas brought forward this week:

Warm Thoughts

For those of us living in the frozen north, here is a warm place where people are playing golf.

Happier Days for Vince Young

Sad story, after a meteoric rise.

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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  1. In regards to the insecure toilet, Victoria has an average of 8 of them per year. As in they get visited by rats! The rats climb up thru the pipes, and end up in the bowl. I know this because it happened to me. I found a swimmer in my bowl in the morning, doing the dogpaddle! Took two flushes to get it to return back to the dark of the pipes. So, yes, toilets CAN be insecure without being hooked up to the internet! lol

  2. How to offend just about everyone in just 6 words: “Autism, Dementia Are God’s Punishments For Gays, Abortions.” Wow! Anyone who knows someone who lives while having autism or dementia, or who is happy, who believes in God, who believes God doesn’t believe in punishing, who doesn’t believe in God….Did she miss anyone?!

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