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An eventful week at the C8j household, with young Master C8j breaking his humerus, whilst playing on the Monkey Bars at camp. It was a long process to get him fixed up, Mrs. C8j carried the brunt of the load, but now Master C8j has 4 Kirschner Wires in his elbow and a while until he gets to climb on the Monkey Bars again. This is what 9 year olds do, is what I am told by the surgeon (he says there are many of these same procedures done on kids at CHEO every year). Yesterday all I could think of was Bill Cosby’s old standup routine about the Playground (I have included it at the end of this in the Video Section), but it’s true you never see any grownups on the monkey bars!

Here is a useful like to Donate to CHEO as well.

It is in you to give

Yup, that is my arm

During stressful situations, you meet the most interesting folks, and during Master C8j’s repairs, one of the Doctors we met at CHEO, actually is a leading EBOLA doctor (why he was working in the Emergency Room of CHEO, just shows Doctors do lots of interesting things). He made one very interesting comment about the current problems in Africa, it is not as much a medical issue, as it is a Policing of Patients issue. People want to visit their family in hospital, and don’t know why they can’t, worse still the patients don’t want to be in Hospital so they keep trying to leave! Fascinating very short chat we had.

Congrats to the Canadian Women’s Rugby 15’s team for winning the Silver Medal at the World Cup of Rugby for Women. Canadian Women are tough broads (I should know, I have 3 daughters (one that plays Rugby)).

Under the “That’s Incredible” section of things, Mrs. C8j has been married to me for 27 years today, I believe that is the “You Realize, You Are Still Wrong!” anniversary, or something like that. Mrs. C8j is a patient loving woman, who has very poor taste in choosing mates, of which I took full advantage.

I gave blood this week as well, and now have been selected to be a Blood Platelets donor as well.

My Writings for Week Ending August 22nd

Given all the excitement down at the Big C8j Hacienda, didn’t get a lot written this week (and I am on vacation next week too), but I did get a couple of good ones in, for your reading pleasure, Good Reader.

This Week’s Finest

We still live in very troubled times, let us hope things can calm down some time soon, but I suspect that may not be for a very long while:

Ear Worms

This is your ear worm for the weekend, 80’s synth music.

A Video For Preet

Preet B. has been taking time off from writing, but his twitter feed is still busy, he commented, “Television is killing the Movie Star”, however, I pointed out that Video already Killed the Radio Star (a great 70’s tune).

Tattoo Removal

A new growth industry! Here is another idea, DON’T GET THE TATTOO IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

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  • My Own Advisor August 24, 2014, 8:22 PM

    Thanks for the mention Alan.

    Sorry to hear about the young man’s accident, but he’ll be as good as new in good time. The folks at CHEO are a gift to this community.

    Great of you to give blood, truly the gift of life.


    • bigcajunman August 25, 2014, 7:22 AM

      Yes, for all this stilly bucket of ice water stuff, it might be better if everyone just gave blood, and wrote a cheque to the ALS folks.

  • Barry @ Moneywehave August 22, 2014, 6:50 PM

    Hey Alan,

    Thanks for the shout out, I could have stretched it out to 9 but I think those extra 2 may have been a bit controversial so I had to back down.

    Following just one of the tips could shave years off your mortgage.

  • Michael James August 22, 2014, 9:21 AM

    The infographic works for the bills, but I doubt the coins would burn much. This isn’t as bad as a fund graphic I saw once. It was a set of gears intending to symbolize hard work and synergy. Unfortunately, there were 3 inter-locked gears. There was no way they could all turn — they were hopelessly deadlocked. This symbol of failure turned out to be accurate.

    Thanks for the mention.

    • bigcajunman August 22, 2014, 9:56 AM

      The interlocking gear scenario I have seen a few times, not sure the graphic artists quite “get” that.


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