Olympics, Not Super Bowls, Creationism and #FreeFormFridays

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The Olympics have already started, even though the “Opening Ceremonies” are today. Should be interesting to see how this all works, but I am still puzzled as to why the Soshi Olympic Stadium seems to resemble the Big Owe in Montreal? A leaning mast and a bowl stadium is so avant garde now? Lots of interesting stories of corruption, and things not being built on time and such, which also sounds a lot like the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal as well, interesting the parallels.

Le Stade Olympique de Montreal

Soshi Stadium’s Doppleganger?

The Super Bowl game was a yawner, which no one seemed to think would happen, but I remember some real crappy games in the 80’s and 90’s so not a big surprise, for me. When I miss the first score of the game because I was chatting with Mrs. C8j, you know the game is going to be a snoozer. On the positive side, there was one of Michael James’ favorite plays where the Denver centre did indeed, SNAP IT OVER HIS HEAD!!!™

Bill Nye has been in the news a lot these days, but this week he debated noted creationist Ken Ham. Now I must preface this with the statement that I am a Church going Anglican, but I find the creationist argument flawed at best (completely nutty in it’s worst interpretations).  I believe in God, yet I also think the Bible is an interesting story written by many different folks, and then revised in the 1500’s, it is important, but I don’t view it as the “Dummies Guide to All Things”™, either. I will include the debate video from NPR at the end of this post.

My hunt for a quieter laptop computer continues. I have an HP furnace currently, that overheats and runs its fans constantly, so if anyone has any suggestions for a quiet laptop computer (or Tablet/Keyboard combination), feel free to chime in here.

My Weekly Recap

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All plans are out of date, or flawed 5 minutes after they are written, so keep this in mind with your financial life plans, as well.

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A cry in the dark for more financial literacy in Canada. Simply saying the words, doesn’t mean you did it right.

THE Canadian Personal Finance PlaceWow, I took another day off

TFSA Now and Then

An actual photo of me and my son’s bum, what else do you need in a great post?


Swiss Army Knife Section

Not a great deal of Olympic chat out there just yet, but some other interesting topics mentioned this week:

Creationism vs. Evolution

Interesting discussions

A “Smart” Handbag?

Credit Card Finder’s iBag

Vaccination What is it Good For?

Watch this and learn from Bill Gates

Other Bookkeeping

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