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No Rate Hike, Better Performance, Montreal Grand Prix and #Bestof-Financial

The Bank of Canada on Wednesday announced that they are holding Interest rates steady for another month or so. Why you might ask? Here is their exact reasoning:

Weighing recent higher inflation readings against slightly increased risks to economic growth leaves the downside risks to the inflation outlook as important as before. At the same time, the risks associated with household imbalances remain elevated. The Bank judges that the balance of risks remains within the zone for which the current stance of monetary policy is appropriate and therefore has decided to maintain the target for the overnight rate at 1 per cent. The timing and direction of the next change to the policy rate will depend on how new information influences the balance of risks.

Household imbalances is an interesting turn of phrase, I wonder what it means? My guess is Debt levels are so darn high that we might overturn the apple cart if interest rates jumped right now, but that is only my opinion.

The Grand Prix de Montreal is this weekend, I won’t be there, but as a younger lad I remember hearing the race from my parents house (on the other side of the mountain from the track). Given the new rumbling sound of the new F1 engines, things might be a little more quiet? There is a great clip of Nigel Mansell’s most unfavorite moment in Montreal too.

Twenty five years ago (yesterday) Tank Man entered our collective consciousness. Not sure what ever happened to this man, I’d like to think he is still alive, but I have my doubts. Why did he do what he did? If you click on the link you will go to a PBS Frontline page with a special on the Tank Man.

Who was this man?

Election time is around the corner in Ontario, and I continue to think #NoneOfTheAbove is the best choice of the bunch. Do I vote for a Mike Harris wannabe? A Dalton McGinty sycophant ? Someone who acts too much like Bob Rae? This is going to be a very odd choice to make.

My Writings for Week Ending June 6th

What is a sycophant? Toady seems to be a good one word answer.

  • I am not fond of the concept of the Bucket List, however the Financial Anti-Bucket List is something that intrigues me and as usual the comments were quite entertaining as well.
  • Selective Financial Perception points out that you can get used to almost any annoying thing, but maybe your debts is not one of those things?
  • Schroedinger’s Financial Cat yes my mind works in very mysterious ways, but I keep hearing about this darn cat and figured I could write about it as well.
  • After the Leaders Debate I socialized an old post, Damn Rich Civil Servants, and it exploded with hundreds of readers, guess you need to be timely with that kind of writing.

This Week’s Finest

The mud slinging continues on the campaign trail in Ontario, now I know how the folks in Toronto must feel with their Mayoral Elections:

Family Guy Song of the Week

Family Guy while quite rude, does sometimes put out amazing advice in the form of humour. Here is a lovely summation of our current personal financial economic problems:

Montreal Grand Prix Moment

Yes there is a race in Montreal this weekend, and this is a classic moment from the early 90’s with Nigel Mansell counting his chickens a little too soon!

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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  1. Hey BigCajunMan – I’d be interested in knowing more about your host. Did you switch to DreamHost or did you always have them? Why did you need to switch to a different plan? I am researching hosting providers to eventually move my blog to self hosted, moving from Any reason why you didn’t go with HostGator or BlueHost which seem to be the most popular? Are they more US centric? Email me if you prefer. Thanks!

    See ya at the polls! I suggest you where a sign around your neck saying “Ballot spoiler”. Way to send a message! 😉

    1. Sent an e-mail, but I know who I SHOULD vote for, but given it will cause a lot of short term pain, I don’t know if I can do it or not. My vote in Nepean isn’t that important, as our current MPP will get elected via a landslide (Lisa MacLeod), however, I feel I do need to vote, or I don’t get to complain later.

      1. Got it! Thank you. Sorry about the typo *wear* Yes, well, it is our civic duty. TTY on twitter when the results come in!

  2. The Peter and Quagmire bit reminded me of a distant relation of my wife’s who once said “I don’t know why Canada Revenue keep calling me. I’ve told them that I don’t have the money they want.” Thanks for the mention.

    1. Wonder if the CRA enjoyed that response?!? Hmm… That’s like the Steve Martin theory of how not to pay tax on $1,000,000

      1) Get a Million Dollars
      2) When they ask for tax say, “I FORGOT!”

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