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Senators, Weak Loonie, Superb Owls and #FreeFormFridays

So, there are no longer any Liberal Senators in Ottawa. No, I am not commenting about how Chris Phillips is now a rabid conservative, Justin Trudeau pulled a fast one and dismissed all of the Liberal Senators in his Caucus. I like it. Makes the political world in Ottawa a little less predictable and a bit more wild. I am assuming it is to short-circuit any Tory attacks on “over-spending” Liberal Senators. Well played, Monsieur Trudeau.

RBS Rugby 6 Nations Cup
You won’t see this in the Super Bowl

This weekend starts one of the most important Sporting events for me, the 6 Nations Rugby Championship. Rugby is a Hooligan’s game played by a gentleman (whereas soccer is a Gentleman’s game played by Hooligans). The Rugby World Cup is a while away, although Rugby 7’s will be in the Olympics in Rio, so more sporting enjoyment for me.

The Super Bowl is this weekend, but the hype usually makes the game less enjoyable by the time there is an actual kick-off. I may watch the game this year, I will certainly enjoy some chilli and beer. However, I am more excited about the Rugby this weekend than I am the NFL. I am hoping for a surprise “Snow Bomb” storm hitting New Jersey to make the game that much more interesting.

The Loonie continues to weaken against the U.S. Dollar which is causing a lot of “snowbirds” a great deal of consternation, but delighting Canadian exporters. The Canadian NHL teams are now feeling the sting of a weak loonie too. What caused this? Couldn’t be the Governor of the Bank of Canada saying he’d like to see some inflation in 2014, could it?

My Weekly Recap

My Writings for Week Ending January 31stJanuary ends with Hope of an Earlier Spring

Financial Plimsoll Line

At least you learned a new nautical term this week?

I’d Rather Be Flossing My Cat’s Toes

It is astounding the imagination of my readers, and what they’d rather be doing than their Income Tax return (even with TurboTax)

When To Let it Go

No this is not a commentary on Mrs. C8j, just me lamenting a large repair bill on “the beast”, but it is still on the road at least.

By the Time You Have a Colonoscopy It’s Too Late

Endoscopy or Colonoscopy it all ends up in the same place in the end. Do I not get an award for the oddest titles of the week?

Swiss Army Knife Section

Not much mention of football nor rugby by anyone else, mind you, no one else talked about colonoscopies either:

Mary Poppins and Money

A more conservative view of money from the movie Mary Poppins:

Random Thoughts for 2014

Lots of these kinds of Best of articles in 2014. Here is a list of them.

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