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Canajun Finances Home » Hockey, Armstrong, Idle Folk, Lost Loans and Friday #ShoutOuts

Hockey, Armstrong, Idle Folk, Lost Loans and Friday #ShoutOuts

Yes, for all those rabid hockey fans out there and those like me who got tired of watching darts, the NHL returns this weekend for our enjoyment. We can all go out and buy the new “3rd jersey” for our favourite team, eat chips, drink beer and generally abuse our bodies in the name of watching other folks exercise!

Former media darling, now media pariah Lance Armstrong continues to make news. My guess is he is trying to make sure he keeps some of his money, so if he does a “mea culpa” now, he may stop later law suits. My opinion is he was doing what everyone else was, but he was doing it much better than everyone else, hence why he won. Can he get a gold medal for chemistry?

Wish I’d trademarked Idle No More, as that was my catchphrase a couple of years ago, but I guess our Aboriginal friends are using it now. If you plan on travelling over the next little while, ensure you have cancellation insurance, or you might get caught out by some of these protests.

If you had a student loan between 2000 and 2006 you might have heard the Government lost your info, and now they are warning folks to watch out for identity fraud (which suggests that maybe it was stolen?). The good news is there is a class action suit you can jump on to try to get some money out of this too!

Weekly Recap

An interesting birthday week for me, with some odd topics (as usual):

Financial Things to Do On Your Birthday

Happy Birthday to you, now go straighten out your financial life!

The Beer Bed Saving Scheme

Fun things to do with empty beer cases when you are living away from home

Financial Advice from a Comedian (redux)

Sometimes you get good financial ideas from the strangest places.

Cost Per Use and your Finances

How do you value things? Cost per use is one way of figuring that out.

There have been a few funny pictures about the weather on Friday around the World being 12000 Degrees Fahrenheit and such. However, none of my favourite writers lowered themselves to that kind of crass writing (like me):

High Debt-to-Income Ratio Dangerous Even for the Young

As usual Michael James says the obvious, Debt is bad, however, is it obvious?

If you want to price match, please

Mark gives you a nice step by step on how to ensure you get the best deal from “price matching”

Make Things Easier for Your Family and Executor(s) Designate Personal Effects in Your Will

The Big Triple B sounds like he has dealt with some sticky Will Executions. Luckily I am taking it all with me.

How much to Your RRSP?

Gail Vaz-Oxlade kicks off the RRSP season with a quick primer on how much you should think about putting in your RRSP

Important Pension Plan Changes for Ontario Members

Lots of new rules that if you have a pension, you should read.

Kids say Apple is losing its cool factor

Rob Carrick is becoming a technology heretic by even suggesting that it is no longer COOL to have Apple gear.

You Built What?!: The World’s Fastest Baby Carriage

Popular Science points out that you can still have fun building stuff even after you have kids (and make practical things too)

Exercise Graph Over the Year

PhD Comics nail a perfect activity graph for the year for those of you looking to exercise more. If I could figure out how to link it to this site, I would!

Year-end must-do: Transfer to a better paying TFSA

Larry Mac posted this one before Xmas, but it is still something you can do now (find a better paying TFSA)

How to Start a Blog

MMM decided he’d help his readers get into the rewarding and exciting world of blogging (sarcasm alert), it goes into detail if you are really thinking about this.

Your advert here send an e-mail for info to bigcajunman at canajun
finances dot com !

Cost of Carrying Exploding US Debt Has Not Exploded

An explosive piece by Preet on how the U.S. Debt has grown, but not as volcanically as some might think.

Tweet of the Week

For those who think the CRA as a bunch of heartless Tax Collectors (remember Jesus loved Tax Collectors too, so why can’t you?), they include a great tweet pointing where to find info on disability tax credits:

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. Deplorable that someone lost a drive with so much private information. Someone should be jailed for that loss, if not at the very least fired. What that older information was doing on a portable drive is beyond me.

    1. Local Ottawa hospital had an employee put 25,000 folks information on a memory stick (a personal one), and they lost it on the way home, “work at home”. There are rules in place for information security, are they actually respected? No, seems to be the answer

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