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Christmas is Coming, Christmas Lay Offs, Electric Fees, Commie Pope and #FreeFormFriday

If you didn’t know that Christmas was coming, then you really must live in a cave, or have astounding abilities to ignore all the crap in front of you. The Christmas season rages on, and with Chanukah over, we can concentrate on the spending orgy at hand, which is the Christmas Season. Time to go online and do some more shopping. Did anybody else notice that many boxes are being left (unattended) at folks’ front door steps?

BMO and many other companies are showing great Christmas cheer by announcing layoffs for the Holiday Season (truly the gift that keeps on giving). Having been laid off, there really is no good time for this, but at Christmas that is just being cruel, and piling on.

In Ontario, the Government decided to play “fun with numbers” and announced that electricity fees will go up only 33% over the next 3 years, well they didn’t say that, they amortized it over a much longer period and came up with a much lower number. Given that after 3 years “all bets are off” when it comes to any government or utility spending, the true horizon is 3 years at best, so maybe it is finally time for me to go look into what Solar Power might cost me? Certainly time to get rid of my electric clothes dryer and put in a natural gas one (again).

My Weekly Recap

My Writings for Week Ending November 29ndChristmas Come for the Holiday but Don’t Leave Unable to Pay!

If You Have Credit Card Debt Don’t Invest

I stole that line from a very good post on Business Insider, but I do agree with it. How can you beat 30% ?

Give Ca$h not Gift Cards for Christmas

I think Cash as a gift has gotten a very bad rap. Money is money, and if you can spend it anywhere, what has a gift card got over cash?

Child Disability Benefit Application Letter (Template)

I got a comment asking for help writing the letter for CDB back dating, so I figured I’d publish it and help any other folks still fighting.

Christmas Quickies

A bit “Grinchy” on my part, but still we need to laugh during this stressful time of the year.

Swiss Army Knife Section

I have renamed this section mostly because it isn’t just the best Financial posts of the week, I include other esoteric things like science and technology in here too:

He doesn`t look like a Communist (Pope Francis)
  • My wife was helping out at the Church on something called Christian Ed, and I wondered to Mosques have Muslim Muhammad programs? Do Synagogues have Jewish Jacob programs? OK, line crossed.
  • Marie from Boomer and Echo jumps into the Christmas Season with 10 Useless Kitchen Gadgets , I have added a few to the list (Olive Pitter, Deluxe Meat Slicer, Belgian Waffle Maker, etc., etc.,).

What if the Sopranos were on Sesame Street?

Better still what if Ernie and Bert were real people?

For You Golfers

Top this shot, wow.

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. I’m feeling your Ontario Hydro pain as well. When the Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli said the other day that we will ONLY be paying $2 more a year(over 20 years(as if it will take 20 years!)) to pay for their gas plant cancellation\seat bribe.
    It will only cost us a cup of Tim Hortons coffee a year! Well is that all?! I’d like to tell the minister that I rarely ever buy coffee! At least I’m not as hard off as a coffee addict I suppose.
    Try doing that math though, $2 a year does not come anywhere close to $1.1 Billion! These clowns are running the province!!!

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