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Drop the Puck, Death Pills, Strikes and Friday #Shoutouts

For those die hard NHL fans (like me) there will be hockey soon. I heard many folks saying, “I don’t care” (I’m talkin’ to you Mr. Blunt Beaner) I know they will start watching and forget all about the strike. I actually love most televised sports (I even on occasion watch darts, that is how die hard I am), but having Hockey adds just a little more spice into my TV watching stew. I hope Mr. Fehr and Mr. Bettman go away, and that we don’t have to go through this kind of Macho Posturing for a very long time. Drop the puck and let’s get going !

Piers Morgan and Alex Jones put on quite the spectacle this past week, with Mr. Jones howling like a wild man and Mr. Morgan acting like a pompous ass, quite the show. My guess is that this was somewhat staged for both of them to get a needed shot in the arm in terms of their careers. I think while both appear to be passionate about their point of views, they are actually more worried about their careers than they are the topic of Gun Control. The “Death Pills” comment by Mr. Jones will resound throughout the Internet for months, an astounding leap in the discussion, but entertaining in a macabre way.

Today, the Elementary School teachers in Ontario may be on strike, or they might be taking a job action, but most likely the schools will be closed (so it really is only a semantic thing). As a parent, what is my opinion? I’ll attempt to remain out of the argument, but I guess my only question for the Head of the Teacher’s Union is this, “Do you consider yourself a Civil Servant?”. My guess is the answer would be “NO!”, however, given your pay comes from Taxpayers money, I might disagree.

For those of you thinking that with the Winter Wonderland over Christmas Ottawa might still be buried in snow, think again! We are having our standard January thaw, and thus we are a slushy, and wet nasty place. Let us hope it gets cold again, so the Rideau Canal Skateway can open.

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  1. The strike and the extreme richness of the players and owners leaves me in the same position I was in before the strike.

    I don’t give a whoop about hockey on the ice. I have played Underwater hockey and that is a blast, but I won”t be watching hockey. They have pissed off their fans by delaying so long that half the season is already gone, and personally I think the fans should show their displeasure by not going to games for the first two weeks of the season. Let the owners know that it is the fans who pay those immense salaries, and WE control whether they get paid or not! For that reason, and many others, I will not be attending any NHL games for at least the next two seasons.

    Personally, I think the owners were able to hold out for a fairly long time financially, and when they were about to start pinching pennies, is when they allowed the strike to be over.

  2. Jane Savers @ The Money Puzzle

    Anderson Cooper is trying to one up Piers Morgan tonight. A big story on how many Americans believe that the Sandy Hook masacre was either faxed using actors or an Israeli terrorist action. I like Anderson but this is crazy stuff so I had to change the channel.

    Good of super-rich Anderson to work even though his mom is so rich he never has to work a day in his life.

  3. Darts?? Wow, r u one of those guys who used to watch the local 5 pin bowling show? I feel sorry for Mrs. BCM. Thank god for you the Sens are back, too bad there probably only marginally better than the Leafs. The season is a FARCE. Does not mean I will not watch if I have nothing to do, although maybe I will choose Darts over the NHL this year. Not much reason to watch Leafs anyways and now I can’t even buy a Burkey Dog if I go to the game.

    Thx again for the nice words this week, I was glad to help and very happy you got a $nice result.

    1. No but I do watch High School sports on the local Rogers Channel, does that count? I go to Ravens basketball games, so yeh, I am a sports junky. Mrs. C8j knew what she was getting into when she married me.

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