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Canajun Finances Home » Loose Money, Trudeau-mania II, Nut Bags and Friday #ShoutOuts

Loose Money, Trudeau-mania II, Nut Bags and Friday #ShoutOuts

If you missed it on Wednesday the Bank of Canada continued to keep their key over night rate at 1%. I have given up writing about rates until they actually change, and that doesn’t look like it might happen any time in the future. To quote the B of C:

With continued slack in the Canadian economy, the muted outlook for inflation, and the constructive evolution of imbalances in the household sector, the considerable monetary policy stimulus currently in place will likely remain appropriate for a period of time, after which some modest withdrawal will likely be required, consistent with achieving the 2 per cent inflation target.

In other words, we don’t dare screw around with this economy or it will fall over like a badly built house of cards. Given the latest employment numbers, I think I agree.

Trudeau-mania II (this time he’s a stripper) was launched this past weekend. I must ask, when did Canadian Politics become like a 4th-grade playground? It used to be there would be a grace period before there were too many barbs aimed at the new leader, the Tories had attack ads up as Trudeau was making his acceptance speech? Come on guys, give him a chance to screw up before you start calling him unqualified!

We lost a voice of my youth with the passing of George “Pat” Summerall a football announcer who fought his demons and managed to battle them to a draw. He and John Madden are the voices of football for me (and John Facenda), games are just missing a little of his magic these days.

The 800 lb. gorilla in the room this week is the Bombings in Boston and now Ricin-laced Letters in Washington, I guess the nut bags thought life was going a little too smoothly and they decided to make life that much more interesting? I think Craig Ferguson summed it up best when he said, “… is anybody else sick of this sh*t?…”, yes Mr. Ferguson, I am. It makes you want to go back to Medieval remedies like drawing and quartering; however, that would make us as bad as the Nut Bags.

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A week that more likely than not will live into infamy but some other topics as well:

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Given it was Tax week in the US this week, and it will be tax time real soon in Canada, maybe it’s time to think about your taxes :

Top Stories of the Week of April 19th

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Story Disappeared

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Story Disappeared

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The Physics of Finance talks about an interesting case where a judge feels that simply slapping a large financial institution on the wrist in not enough (whodathunkit?).

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. Harper is jealous because Trudeau is a passionate, animated, living human being and it reinforces the Westworld robotic look of Harper.

    Thank you for the mention and I am still angry about being refused for a credit card because I make less than 60K per year but I am pleased that Capital One is commenting and attempting to explain their position.

  2. Are they attack ads if they show the candidate’s own actions?

    Or as you put it: “Come on guys, give him a chance to screw up before you start calling him unqualified!” That’s what the conservatives are showing – that he HAS already screwed up. He may be the new liberal leader, but he’s been in politics plenty long enough to have a track record.

    And complaining about attack ads can be perceived of as 4th grade level stuff as well. The goal is to get elected so they can fix the country, not end up being the nice guy finishing last – that’s for losers. And frankly, strongly questioning and exposing your opponents flaws and past behavior is absolutely a valid strategy. If you’re going to be a thinking voter, you need to overlook the over-enthusiasm by either party and actually see if what they’re saying actually has merit.

    And for what should be an obvious final point 🙂 the ads aren’t meant for people who are already liberals, have their mind made up, and only see the conservative spin. They’re intended for the middle ground voter. Do they think having a leader who’s said Quebec should be it’s own country is a good idea? A diehard liberal might not care about that stuff, but there’s a huge middle block of voters that might care a whole lot about having another prime minister who’s on board with Quebec as a seperate country.

    1. Frankly I am sick of the LOT of them, Tory, Liberal, NDP, Green all of them using attack ads, doesn’t anyone do anything that they are proud of?

      I am a die-hard undecided, I guess these ads are aimed at me (you would think as a former Quebecer, I would be a Liberal die-hard, but Quebec politics teaches you to always keep your options open).

      I stand by my 4th Grade Playground comment, it’s all a bunch of kids calling each other names.

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