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Financial Bloggers, 35 Million Strong, Odd CRA Cheques and Friday #ShoutOuts

I had a very good time at CPFC13 where I got to moderate a panel of Investing Smart folks, and I learned a great deal from a few very good presenters, and I got to put faces to names for a lot of folks who I knew, but now really know. I was not sure I`d get a lot from the festivities, but I think I got a great deal more than I would have guessed on Friday evening. Krystal Yee and Preet B. did a great job, and thanks to all the presenters as well.

Canada’s population is now over 35 Million (according to Stats Canada). That sure is a lot of Canadians, where are we all living?

Percentage of Population by Province in Comparison to 1983

Ontario the good continues to be where Canadians are living, but Alberta and BC are catching up.

Seems the CRA is giving out cheques to some odd folks, according to the CBC. Given I continue to get helpful notes from the CRA asking for proof of my claims, I am a little curious as to how someone who owed over $1 Million would get a rebate cheque? I am sure there is a credible, reasonable and interesting reason, for this windfall rebate.

My Weekly Recap

Hockey is about to start, NFL and CFL are rolling and baseball is about to start the playoffs, it is a great time to be a sports fan:

My Writings for Week Ending September 27th

Rest in Peace Dave Nichol Those Cookies are Decadent, as you said.

How do you write so much?

That is the question I kept getting all weekend long here are a couple of reasons.

The Price is Right? Consumer Price Index up 1.1% for August in Canada

Prices are still right for now in Canada, but for how much longer?

Entitled or Mistreated Consumers?

Are we all entitled bullies who don’t deserve any deals? I don’t think so.

Humor: Old Bar Bs and flames.

A few years ago I almost set my back deck aflame with an old Bar B Q, luckily my daughter caught it before any major damage.


A nose grown on a forehead and then a thought-controlled bionic leg? Medicine is making great inroads:

Top Stories of the Week of September 27th

My PVR is Filling Up, It Must be the Start of a New TV Season



Michael James writes a less than flattering view of another book by Nassim Taleb. One commenter seems to be a Taleb fan?


The Plight Of Generation Y

Marie (Boomer) of Boomer & Echo (who I met on the weekend) writes an interesting piece on the “lost” generation (as I refer to them), an interesting perspective.

Rethinking this bond allocation should match your age formula

Mark from My Own Advisor Mark makes a good point about those who might be 102 and how they can’t have 102% bond holdings.

Why ETF Distributions Fluctuate

The Canadian Capitalist is back on a regular writing schedule and helps us understand the fluctuations of holdings in ETFs

Interesting Advice, or is it?

Cell Phone Unlocking Explained

What is all the hub-bub about locking and unlocking cell phones? Have a read a pretty good explanation on this interesting topic.

Oh Those Sleepless Nights – What is Keeping You up at Night?

The Blunt Bean Counter does money keep you up at night? Mark would like to try to set your mind at ease, or give you a chance to sleep a bit more.


Promod from Riscario (another friend I met on the weekend) points out how easily we fall for things when someone has an Example. As an example, how about that iOS 7 upgrade that makes iPhones waterproof ?

@SomSeif talks about his career and what he has lined up next for Canadian investors

Preet claims he will be writing more for the Blog, but we shall see, at least the Podcast is back.

Bat Dad Rules

Preet B. showed me this one, a new classic: Benjamin, tables are for glasses, not other things:

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. Really great meeting you in person. I enjoyed listening to your many entertaining stories and just shooting the breeze with you a little bit. Definitely a great weekend we all got to spend together.

    Thanks for linking to my cell phone unlock article!

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