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Canajun Finances Home » Senate Fun, Apocalypse Averted, Asteroids and Friday #ShoutOuts

Senate Fun, Apocalypse Averted, Asteroids and Friday #ShoutOuts

So the Canadian Senate is turning into quite the hot bed of fun and games, with allegations of bad behavior flying faster than on a Grade 3 playground at recess. Will this somehow bring the Harper Government down? Not likely, but if it does, it will be quite entertaining, but it will be that no matter what. As usual it is even more interesting for those of us who live in Ottawa.

The Financial Apocalypse was averted after the Congress Tea Party “renegades” folded up like a cheap tent, and the Democrats have been their normal smug self, but I suspect that this isn’t over by any stretch of the imagination. This will all come back in January and evidently there is a new Conservative Savior on the horizon (given what has happened to the past few ones, it strikes me as a very dangerous label to carry around).

A massive lump of intergalactic rock flew very close to the earth and will be back in 20 years (and the Russians claim it IS going to hit us that time). Will TV135 cause havoc if it hits the earth? Depends on where it hits, but we have 20 years to worry about it (so start now and avoid the rush).  Cosmic calamities may be the new fun topic (if you want to help find them, remember to help out Seti At Home ).

My Weekly Recap

My Writings for Week Ending October 25th

The Christmas Season Has Already Started! Ho, Ho, Ho!

When did you get your first Credit Card?

This sprung out of a conversation I had with my Mum about when I got my first credit card (in 1982).

Low Flying Prices: Inflation at 1.1% for September

Inflation is officially about 1.3% or so, so why do I feel like my wealth is eroding daily? Oh yes, I had kids, never mind.

I took a day off?

Thanks to technology, and far too many things going on I took a day off, felt good too, might do it again.

Life is Pain

The Princess Bride and finances, two of my favorite topics, melded into one awkward post, good stuff!

Choice Picks for the Week

An interesting week, what with everyone having a collective sigh of relief with the Financial Disembowelling averted in the U.S. (for now) and such, other folks found much happier topics to write about (other than disembowelling).

Scary Halloween Stuff

I think this is cooler than spending a month making your house look like a slaughter house, but you couldn’t find SOMETHING to do other than this?

Now That is Scarey Kids!

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. You’re showing your age when you talk about turmoil during Grade 3 recess. I think recess now is a lot more controlled. Some schools don’t allow the kids to throw a ball. Some schools have threatened to ban running (but I’m not sure if any have actually done so). I pity the majority of kids who desperately need to blow off some steam.

  2. Our politicians are getting as crazy as the Americans. It is nice that a few of ours have finally been caught for gorging at trough.

    The American mess will never be over until there is clear leadership in the Republican party. Be it moderates like McCain or right wing Tea Party crazies they will continue to fight until one side has control.

    Thankful for an easier CAPTCHA code this morning.

  3. Hey BCM,

    Thx for the link. It is very weird, but I thought you had taken a break from writing. The latest blog that kept showing when I clicked your site as a fav was Oct 15th, while everyone else updated daily. I only realized something was weird when I saw your first credit card blog noted as a weekly pick. I needed to click the compatibility icon at the top to get your site updated. Not sure if IE 10 thing or what.

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