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Canajun Finances Home » Government #Defaults, Fake Reviews, Turkey Time, Fall Colours and Friday #ShoutOuts

Government #Defaults, Fake Reviews, Turkey Time, Fall Colours and Friday #ShoutOuts

Given that for some odd reason shutting the government down wasn’t enough our friends down south are now attempting to disrupt or possibly completely f*ck the world economy by defaulting in a few days. I guess sending all of their unimportant Government services home (like Cancer Research, Border Services, etc., etc.,) the decision to “up the ante” was made, and thus we now have a chance to possibly be alive when one of (if not the) biggest debtor nations defaults on their loans, should be interesting.

I have been on course and have had a longer drive in the morning so I have been listening to a few different Podcasts (although you should be listening to Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian anyhow), however Book Riot a very interesting podcast about the Business of Books has brought up the Evil Specter of Bought Book Reviews on-line and how they are skewing any “data” you see about books on Amazon or other sites like that.  The number they used was almost 30% of reviews on-line are “fake”, something to keep in mind (I typically don’t read a book unless someone I know tells me about it).

It is almost Thanksgiving here in Canada (yes down south we have another month and a bit to wait), so we all get a nice long weekend to enjoy.  Whether we cook a turkey this year remains to be seen, I just want to enjoy the time off.

One of the nice things about the course I attended this week is that it is in Gatineau right near the parkway and the colours are spectacular:

Fall Colours in Ottawa
Fall Colours in Ottawa

My Weekly Recap

Default used to be a great word in my vocabulary, it usually was how my teams won games:

My Writings for Week Ending October 11th

I’d Love to Catch me a Barrhaven Wild Turkey!

RDSP Update with TD

I have not heard from TD yet, but I haven’t checked my messages at work either. Let’s hope they do call and maybe change a few things.

More Financial Haikus

Kind of an Artsy Fartsy post, I’ll agree but it was an interesting experiment (that proved my readers aren’t big poetry fans).

They are Watching You (Drive)

I still am astounded why anyone would want to put a car monitoring apparatus in their automobile, but I am also quite old-fashioned (and mildly paranoid).

What Will be the Equity Percentage when I retire?

Evidently higher than I think, and the commenters seem to think I am some kind of “nervous nelly” for even worrying about it?

Evidently there has been a massive Rogers Outage for the past few days, due to a software failure, remember that your home phone has rules about how it’s not allowed to be out of service (well 911 isn’t allowed to be out of service).

Michael James poked the bear a little following on with the question I asked the panel about Dividend Investing with his article Dividend Investing: A Good Idea or a Huge Mistake? I was hoping to cause more of a stir, but I am glad that the panelists are still commenting on some of my topics.

Mark  Dan! from the Canadian Couch Potato is making it his business to help DIY investors (if you listen to Preet’s Podcast you’ll find out how), however  More DIY Investing Challenges he wants to point out maybe you shouldn’t be trusted with your money.

When Spouses Do not Leave All Their Assets to Each Other – The Income Tax Implications – Part 2 is Mark trying to help folks who want to complicate their lives by not having the same will. For me and Mrs. C8j it’s simple, we’re going to fake our deaths and move to Tahiti (did I think that or write it?).

Scientific American comments on On the lack of women in science: Numbers do matter , there does need to be more females in science, but how to make it happen?

Mark is a die-hard golf lover (rumor has it he is a Golf hustler when not espousing the joys of Dividend Investing) and wrote about Why Golf Channel, TSN and traditional cable are worth my $40 per month . I haven’t figured out how to cut the wire just yet, but I am working on it (if Ottawa could get more “over the air” HD channels it might be more possible).

Evelyn Jacks posted something from the Knowledge Bureau about RDSP planning for the year end, worth a read for those who want to learn more about the RDSP savings vehicle.

Preet was quite the busy bee, and first he asked us Help Him Design A Personal Finance Video Blog and then he put out a new Podcast for Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian as well (I got a chance to catch up this week, as you should too). I suggested he stop wearing black T-shirts for his Video Blog.

Helpful Relationship Video

While I rarely claim to be an expert on relationships, I give you a useful example of how not to problem solve with your wife:

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. Paperback Swap is another great resource for trying out books. You can get rid of your old ones and try new ones! It is really worth the shot!

  2. There’s an easy way to test drive a book by an unknown author: it’s called the library. Then if it’s a waste of time/money you just return it faster. If it’s an epic you’ll want to read time and again THEN you can buy your own copy….

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