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Fathers, Corruption, Horton’s Hedgings and Friday #ShoutOuts

Hopefully everyone enjoyed Father’s Day, I know I did, very nice day, lovely meal and some peace and quiet.

Sad to hear that James Gandolfini has passed away. I enjoyed the Sopranos and his body of work in general, guess there isn’t going to be another Sopranos series. A little disconcerting to hear he was a year younger than me.

Montreal (my hometown) showed they can outdo Toronto in every way (speaking of the Sopranos and corruption). Toronto may have a Mayor suspected of many things, but only in Montreal can you have a Replacement Mayor who was brought in to clean up corruption, then arrested for corruption (if that is not the definition of Irony, I’ll kiss Alanis Morissette’s feet). Montreal politics is always something special, and this week, the rest of Canada was treated to a plot twist that the writers of The Sopranos would marvel at (come to think of it, Montreal and the Sopranos have much in common).

Hedge Funds are sniffing around Tim Horton’s to buy the Coffee Mavens. I think that Tim Horton and his family have made a pittance on this Canadian success story, but his name continues to be spoken ahead of Juan Valdez as the purveyor of fine coffees. It is not as ironic as the corruption mayor thing, but it is truly a Canadian success story (the boy starts a business and sells for a pittance to see it succeed beyond his wildest dreams).

My Weekly Recap

The ending of The Sopranos was so unsatisfying. However, hopefully, my posts on this works were a little more satisfying:

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Yes, I get a little sentimental about my late Dad, but hey it was Fathers Day.

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The logic is a bit of a stretch, but you are wasting your money if you are using either of these services (IMHO).

Fun with Numbers Redux

Sometimes we mathematicians have fun with arithmetic, especially when you can astound and confuse your friends with it.

Simple Tip to Grow Your Wealth

I am learning how to do animated GIF files, so here is a nice example of one, but is it really a post? Whatever.

Venn Diagrams For Borrowers

What is similar between Loan Sharks and Pay Day Loans? A helpful Venn Diagram in case you weren’t sure.


Hockey is still going and it is the Summer (really, it happened some time this morning), guess the season is getting a little long:

Top Stories of the Week of June 21st

Will the Blue Jays Make it Back to .500 Before the All-Star Break?

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The Art of Manliness points out some very apropos commentary on the art of conversation that I think still hold in the 21st century.

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Canadian Couch Potato cautions investors to watch out for fly by night ETFs (as it were).

The Cost of Starting and Maintaining a Blog or Website

Million Dollar Journey outlines how much it might cost getting into the blogging game. Yes it does actually cost money!

How to dump your big-bank financial advisor

Mark at My Own Advisor has a helpful set of hints if you are planning on kicking your financial planner to the curb.

New Will Provisions for the 21st CenturyYour Digital Life from Facebook to Domain Names

The Blunt Bean Countr had a guest post about what new things you can bequeath in your wills. I will be leaving this web site to science for their study of why I actually kept writing for so long.

 Bosch unveils smartphone enabled self-parking system

Now this is a good use of technology, but I wonder if it can actually park in the snow!


Thinking Fast and Slow

Michael James reviews a book about our thinking processes. Me I am a very slow thinker, every time I have acted in haste, I have paid for it.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Gail Vaz-Oxlade has a good piece of advice, especially for those who really think sleep isn’t that important.

The Greatest Heists In History [Infographic]

Popular Science has larceny in their hearts with this interesting infographic about the Greatest heists of the 20th century

@BarryChoi explains why his financial adviser wanted him dead (Podcast)

Preet resurrects the Podcast, and watch this site next week as Barry explains things further.

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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