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Lent , Pancake Tuesday, and Love Day Soon and Friday #Shoutouts

For those of you unaware, Lent begins next Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) February 13th, so here is yet another chance to restart (or start) your financial plans for the coming year. You could also create a quick 40(-ish) day long financial plan to try something out in the short term to see how you like it? In some derivations of Christianity you can even ADD things for Lent, so adding a financial plan for spending for the period would work well (or give up coffee, and put that money into your RRSP? If you do, remember to not comment on my site for a week or so until you have gone completely through caffeine withdrawal).

The nice part about Lent coming is Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Tuesday if you like) on February 12th , so remember to get yourself some pancakes, bacon, sausage and breakfast out for dinner on Tuesday night! You could also have Flapjacks, Johnny Cakes or possibly Crepes if you wish to be fancy. Any excuse to eat breakfast for dinner is OK by me.

Love Day is on February 14th, it is also the celebration of St. Valentine as well, but Love Day is much more financial relevant, given the amount of money that will be spent in the name of Love Day.  I guess there is a need to keep the spending going after Christmas and before the Easter spending splurge, luckily the Boxing Quarter Sales are still going on.

Weekly Recap

With Love Day coming, have you got your sweety something nice, if not, good for you! Don’t be swayed by all this commercialism! Sleeping on the couch for a week is a small price to pay to show you are not a sheeple :

My Writings for Week Ending February 8th
Lent is a Coming Time to Empty your Shrive

BCM Love That Technology

Another glimpse of what makes the BCM tick, and I do love the technology!

A Guaranteed Lottery Pay Out

A shameless lifting of a piece from the Million Dollar Neighborhood on OWN Canada featuring Preet B.

Turbo Tax Giveaway Time Again

I am giving away copies of On Line TurboTax all you have to do is leave a comment, and so far not that many entrants either!

RDSP TD and a little progress

One step forward and three steps to the side for my son’s TD RDSP. Guess I gotta call someone about this.

The big discussion in the USA is whether Wal-Mart should sell Bazookas and Tanks or simply sub-machine guns (I jest with my over armed friends down south), but remember folks, the most important thing right now is the ECONOMY :

Top Stories of the Week of February 8th
Did we actually see Beyoncé’s Lady Bits at the Super Bowl ?

Paying for Private School with Tax-Free Money“ Got an Extra Million?

What the What? Free school tuition? Well as usual the BBC points out it is not as simple as you might think, but it is possible.

Why Does CRA Limit Us to 20 Tax Returns Per Computer?

That’s a very good question, I guess they don’t want folks starting your own Tax Preparation business out of your home? Curious to know if anyone really knows that one.

Goodbye Canadian penny, goodbye great penny idioms

Mark @ My Own Advisor sadly laments the demise of the Canadian Penny and how it will be a tragic loss for many great phrases that are part of our culture.

Record equity inflows have contrarian worried

Larry Mac points out that when the money starts flowing into a particular areas of investing, maybe it’s time to start thinking about getting your money away from the madding crowd?

A look at the Performance of the BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF (ZWB)

The Canadian Capitalist looks at another interesting ETF from BMO, for those that think that you can judge an ETF on 1 year performance, you should read this closely.

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When Will The Internet Become Faster Than FedEx?

If you want to send many TB of info to someone it is still faster to send it via FedEx overnight than try to FTP it, but when will that change? I remember transferring 100 KB over a serial line and thinking that took forever, but I am very old as well.

Scary When They’re Down, Scary When They’re Up

The Cdn Couch Spud points out that investors are now so shell-shocked they are afraid of bull markets as much as bear markets. Did you realize we are in a Bull Market right now? I didn’t… 🙂

Work Life Balance

Gail Vaz-Oxlade points out that many women cannot find that elusive balance in life, and being a mother makes it 10 times harder!

Banks charge for statements, despite record profits

Plucky Ellen Roseman tilts at one of my favorite wind mills service charges by banks for paper statements! I love having to pay $1.50 to get a piece of paper, or get it free in an e-mail that my SPAM filter might delete.

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Digital Assets: assets in life, problems in death?

Who would inherit this Domain Name if I died tomorrow? Who the hell would want it? Evidently I need to make sure it is mentioned in my will, if someone wants it leave a comment and I might consider leaving it to you.

Tweet of the Week

Given that Love Day is coming so soon, here is a fun tweet to follow-up on from our amigos at Stats Canada:

A Non-Financial Video to Think About

Here I give you an interesting video which talks about your brain, so food for thought:

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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      1) I sold the site and someone who knows what they are doing has made the money
      2) The Canadian dollar reaches the Peso level, and thus $500K Canadian is comparable to 50 cents American (or Euro)

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