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Canajun Finances Home » Stanley Cup, Turbans, Car Tracking and Friday #ShoutOuts

Stanley Cup, Turbans, Car Tracking and Friday #ShoutOuts

The Stanley Cup finals have started, and hopefully all the games aren’t going to go that late into the night, or I will need to start working the night shift at work. Hockey still going near the end of June is pushing it a bit hard (that is almost NFL Football season!).

The Turban Troubles in Quebec is very confusing to me. I haven’t read why exactly the Turban and its various versions are not allowed in Soccer. Luckily the media has whipped the whole thing into a giant frothy confused frappe of accusations and silliness. If it wasn’t for the media we’d have nothing to argue about (yes I am being a little facetious (or maybe sarcastic) there).

Given all the hub bub about privacy lately, I have noted that insurance companies in Canada are now offering “discounts” for folks that install tracking devices to show how safe a driver they are. I will not do this because I am a “good” driver, but I am not a “perfect” driver (i.e. I may be in a rush occasionally and go above the speed limit (without knowing of course)). I wonder if anyone has installed this device and had their rates go up? Oh and the privacy issue, now your insurance company knows pretty much where you have gone and where you go (do you think that information might be worth something on the open market?).

Another place this information is amassed is from your GPS, when you do a map upgrade and it asks, “Can we collect data from your device for testing?”, your answer should be, NO!, unless you want your comings and goings available on the free market (just a helpful FYI).

My Weekly Recap

Great grass growing weather in Ottawa this week, luckily my front yard doesn’t have grass, it has weeds, and various other green looking plants (that are not grass):

My Writings for Week Ending June 14th

Stephen Harper has a Sense of Humor? See Video at end of this Post for more details

Best of: Debt IS like fat!

I am putting a lot of fat back on (I am fighting it though), as I am building up debt again too, it’s a life long battle for both!

More Jobs for May in Canada

Some good news from Stats Canada, but the lost generation still needs to find more work.

Tuition and Inflation are in No Way Related

The cost of a post-secondary education continues to out strip inflation (not as bad as 10 years ago, thought).

What to Do with a Bonus ?

No I am not suggesting you get a tattoo with your bonus, don’t be so literal! If in doubt send ME the money.

Pension or LIRA? A decision (redux)

As usual all the best decisions in my life were just me being incredibly lucky.


Turkey is starting to turn into a bit of a mess, and very bad flooding in Europe. Does your home insurance cover flooding? Better go check:

Top Stories of the Week of June 14th

Yet Another Superman movie Opens This Weekend, Hooray?!?

Why Spend Your Energy Being Frugal? Just Tax Plan!

The BBC seems to be ranting about making money by not getting a big tax refund, read on to find out.

Banks raise mortgage rates

Canadian Mortgage News points out that even though the Bank of Canada has not raised their rates, the Big Banks in Canada are raising their Mortgage Rates.

Employer Bankrupt? Try the Wage Earner Protection Program!

Million Dollar Journey talks about something I wasn’t aware of this, if it had been around when Nortel went under, it might have protected a lot of folks who never got their severance packages.


May 2013 Dividend Income Update

Mark at My Own Advisor fills us in on how his dividend based investment plan is going, I don’t have the nerve to speak of the train wreck that is my investments.

It’s Time to Ban Advisor Commissions

The Canadian Couch Potato points out that Advisors making money off Mutual Fund sales makes the whole system not work well.

Rescue Your Wet Cell Phone

Gail Vaz-Oxlade goes all techy with hints on how to rescue you wet cell phone. Me I have a LifeProof case, so my phone floats.

How Much Can We Take from our RRSPs for Our House? How the Home Buyers Plan Numbers Work

Frequent commenter Bet Crooks give us another useful “How To” post.

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Dividend Investing?

Not sure that Robb from Boomer and Echo would get along with Mark from My Own Advisor.

Anchoring and Income Taxes

Last week Michael James complained about getting a pay raise, this week he seems to be complaining about getting a bonus?

Make 2013 the Year You Own a TFSA

Young and Thrifty suggests that this year may be the year you start doing something about your TFSA.

Retirement is all about freedom; or is it?

Jim Yih wonders what retirement is really about, me I am not sure, but I hope it’s fun (given it isn’t soon).

School District To Pay Science Teachers More Than English Teachers

Popular Science talks about a school district that rightly pays science teachers more than english teachers, which works for me.

Our PM has a Sense of Humor? Don’t tell PSAC!

This is the unabridged version of Harper practicing his acceptance speech and doing some impersonations of previous PM’s. Note he is practicing his “acceptance” speech.

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. Thank goodness for the Stanley Cup, the turban scandal, and even the unfortunate police incident for the CBC in Turkey. I don’t think I could stand it if it was Mike Duffy and Rob Ford ALL THE TIME.

    In other weekend news, Hazel hears today if she’s in or out. Talk about early retirement: she might get forced out at 92! (Of course if they push her out and leave Rob Ford in, I will know there really is no logic in our legal systems.)

    Thanks, too, for the kindly mention.

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