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Snowmaegedon, the Masters, Windows and Friday #ShoutOuts

Today, we are experiencing a late version of winter, with a nasty snow/ice/rain storm that proves that you might be mistaken just when you think it is Spring. It has already caused a great deal of consternation for University Students, since many schools have rescheduled exams and now these lucky students get to wait until the end of exams to do write their exams (yes one of my daughters  is effected by this). Some might say it’s just snow, however, many foolish folks have already taken their snow tires off, so the drive on Friday will be interesting (especially for me, should I choose to go to work). The City of Ottawa will be ready for it, or at least that is what they are claiming, it remains to be seen whether they live up to their claims.

In much warmer and sunnier Augusta, Georgia the creme de la creme of Golfers are playing on grass so green it would make the emerald Isle blush. The prestige of the Masters cannot be denied, it should be interesting to watch this sporting tradition. Do I play golf? I did play golf, but have not for many years, we shall see whether I pick up my clubs this summer.

The final window replacement has occurred in the Big Cajun Chateau which hopefully will mean lower energy costs, less drafts and less outside noise. It has been an expensive renovation (or repair if you like) but in the end I think it was needed to keep the house livable. After seeing how much we have spent on just this makes me wonder if renting might have ended up being cheaper, but I’ll save that discussion for another post.

My Weekly Recap

A diverse cross-section of posts from me this week, with a little bit of real data from Stats Canada too:

My Writings for Week Ending April 12th

It is Spring ? Could have Fooled Me!

My New Born needs a Social Insurance Number?

A rewrite of an older post, which points out the importance of getting your kids SIN’s ASAP.

Job Picture Less Rosey in March for Canada

Stats Canada points out that the Canadian Job market is not top shelf just yet, and the lost generation continues to not have luck finding jobs.

March Madness in Finances

Is past performance a good measure for a stock? Many folks (including myself) say, no, and you better have a better reason to buy a stock than “… it has done well lately”.

Tire Storage the Business

How many folks store their tires with their mechanic? Surprisingly a very large number.

RDSP Update: Nice Payback

If you have a disabled child, should you get an RDSP? YES, is the very simple answer.


This week RBC got in trouble for hiring foreign I.T. workers at “indentured servitude  rates, they are apologizing for doing this, however, they are going to continue to use these modern-day serfs, interesting employment world we live in :

Top Stories of the Week of April 12th

Ground Hogs Lie Like Cheap Rugs!

Confessions of a Tax Accountant -2013- Week 2

If you aren’t reading this interesting view of the world of accountants and Taxes by the BBC, why not? Well written and lots of useful tips too!

Model abuse… stop it now!

The Physics of Finance comments on a commenter who pointed out how a lot of financial models are being used in very interesting ways.

Can I Claim a Charitable Tax Deduction Credit for a Donation Made Outside of Canada?

Frequent commenter Bet Crooks asks one of those interesting Tax Questions, that you should know the answer to.

Budget 2013 clamps down on Advantaged ETFs

The Canadian Capitalist warns us about ETFs that use “character conversion transfers” and how the new budget is going to change the rules governing them.

Fraser Institute Studies Public and Private Sector Wages

Michael James gives his point of view on the Fraser Institute report I had in last week’s #Shoutouts. Yup public sector has a much better set of benefits, but you have to work for the government to get them.

Link Went Away

 How to Use Credit Cards Responsibly

Commenter KrantCents brings us an interesting essay on how to use Credit Responsibly. My point of view is, just don’t use it, but that is me being me.

 2013 Financial Goals – April Update

Mark from My Own Advisor updates us on his goals, which I can’t tell whether it is bragging or just being very brave (no I am not divulging that info on my site (ever)).

South Korean stocks getting cheap in a hurry

Larry MacDonald writes that Kim Jong Un’s interesting behavior is not helping the South Korean stock market either.

5 Ways Hackers Could Kill You Right Now

Popular Science got my attention with that title, and it is quite scary what a “script kiddy” could do to kill you and how easy it might be to do it.

 At last, new rules for water heater sellers (and others)

Ellen Roseman gives us good news about Water Heater Sellers (and other folks) and the new rules they will have to live under, glad to hear it!

Selling a condo? The taxman might cometh

Preet had a guest columnist come on to scare all you Condo Buying folk, with the news that the CRA has a new “Condo Project”, which is never a good thing (if you own a Condo that is).

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

Feel Free to Comment

  1. Financial independence means not having to spend 30 minutes chipping ice from your car and staying in bed instead on these bad weather days.

    Thank you for mentioning my post on market based GICs. The potential return is high and there is no risk of losing the principle but I still can’t decide if it is a good idea.

  2. No bragging BCM. Just trying to keep myself honest (and motivated) on my financial journey. Don’t forget, I also have some posts where I’ve mucked up. 🙂

    Thanks for the mention. Hopefully spring will come at some point.


  3. Thankfully the snow/rain/gunk wasn’t that bad around us but I am amazed how people continue to drive like there isn’t anything nasty falling from the sky. People’s behaviour still manages to amaze me sometimes.

  4. At least the lights are still on in most of Eastern ON. Every time I hear the words “freezing rain” I get flashbacks to *THE* ice storm…..

    And many thanks for the kind mention!

    1. We were “reminiscing” at my office about that exact storm, and what a mess things were afterwards, and North of Toronto is not looking too good right now either.

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