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St David’s Day, Snow, RRSP Season Over, Tax Time and Friday #Shoutouts

Happy Saint David’s Day to all my Welsh brethren today. We have knocked off the French and Italians (we shall not speak of the Irish game) and we have the Scottish this weekend, should be a great match to watch (I speak of Rugby, the Hooligans game played by Gentleman (whereas Soccer/Football is a Gentleman’s Game played by Hooligans)). Go out and have some faggots and mushy peas to celebrate the day!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!!!!

Another thumping snowstorm here in Ottawa, with wet “Heart Attack” snow fell and made driving in the National Capital Region a bloody mess. Mother Nature loves to throw in these late storms to remind you that it is a little too early to think about taking off your snow tires! Is this the last storm of the season? Given my snow-blower died in the middle of this storm, I am getting it fixed, so I am assuming there will be more snow to deal with.

Did you get all of your RRSP deposits done? Why? Why not do it all year long? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Late RRSP season is officially over, so now all you have left to do is collect all of your forms and send in your Tax Return to the CRA (unless you pay quarterly then who cares).

Have your signed up at Blood.Ca as a donor? You should, you could win a spiffy phone, but you can also book your next donor appointment on line!

My Weekly Recap

Even with a dead snow-blower I managed to write a few posts this week:

My Writings for Week Ending March 1st
Lent Continues How Are Your Lenten Financial Plans?

CPI at 0.5% for January in Canada, Wow that is Low!

CPI continues to run cool for now, but the Bank of Canada keeps threatening rate hikes real soon now too!

What’s the Magic Number?

Some say Pi is a magic number, but what magic financial numbers do you have in your life?

Things To Do With Your Tax Refund

A trick post, pointing out that you really should not be getting a refund if you are doing it right.

What You Need is a Balanced Fund

Actually the last thing you might need is a balanced fund, figure it out before you buy one.

Luckily no one saw my boobs, or at least didn’t sing about it, however, some of our other favorite writers did have a few things to say about money this week.:

Top Stories of the Week of March 1st
Argo Shows That American Propaganda Films Can win Oscars!


Handling RRSPs and RRIFs for Low-Income Seniors

Michael James has been helping out some older relatives with some ticklish decisions regarding their RRIFs and RRSPs, but good on him for decyphering it all for them (I hope he does the same for me one day).

References – A No Win Situation for Past and Future Employers

The BBC may not be who(m) you want to give as a reference, since he is aware of the power of his words and plays it all close to his chest (so he doesn’t get sued). I can understand of what he says. Oh and if you use me as a reference, you might want to tell me before I get called (that really did happen to me).

Do We Need To Beef Up Our CPP?

Boomer asks the same tough question, which is how many Canadians can really retire? Do we need a better CPP so they can?


Managing the refund well is the linchpin in the RRSP vs. TFSA debate

Interesting, theory put forward about using your TFSA to put your retirement money in instead of an RRSP can be a good idea, especially if you have a defined benefit pension (if you don’t then the question is a little more murky).

Do You Have to Enjoy Every Minute of Work?

The Financial Blogger asks that but since I rarely enjoy ANY minutes at work it is rhetorical for me.


Buy quality, short the rest

An interesting (if not a little cynical) title from our friend Larry MacDonald. I do agree with the studies premise to avoid companies that use accounting tricks to pump up their numbers (how do you spell Nortel or ENRON?).

Help Us, Help Students More Money for Beer and Textbooks

A review by Sustainable PF of a book for students to teach them about money. The book sounds quite interesting.


Why Canadians should not complain about bank fees!

A little tough love from Canadian Personal pointing out that if you bitch about your bank fees, it is a pretty easy fix, and you have a lot of choices, so get off your arse and do something about it!

Job seeker on Gen Y’s struggles: ‘I didn’t think I’d be here at 30’

Rob Carrick continues following a GEN Y and his search for a real career, a little disheartening actually.

Should You Work with Your Significant Other?

Miranda asks this interesting question at Financial Highway. Mrs. C8j is glad not to work anywhere near me!

Four differences between pension splitting and CPP splitting

Jim Yih talks about something I learned on my retirement course this week, and NO they are not the same thing, read carefully.


3 Easy Ways to Save on your Mortgage

A simple treatise from Gail Vaz-Oxlade on how to save money on your Mortgage. They seem obvious, don’t they? So why aren’t you doing them? I keep reading folks complaining about how some advice is so obvious, well if so, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Best Canadian High Interest Savings Rates For Ally Replacement

Mike Holman gives some choices for folks who are unhappy that RBC is effectively gutting ALLY Bank of Canada and their higher interest savings accounts. Nice touch with the bilingual answers on the table.

TurboTax 2012 Review for TurboTax Standard and Basic

Tom at the Canadian Finance Blog gives a quick rundown on the different Turbotaxes for regular Taxpayers.


Are seniors better off investing in RRSPs or TFSAs?

Preet jumps into the same topic as Mark had (but he does his discussions in the Globe and Mail). Yes, if you are not in a very high tax bracket do you really need to get RRSPs? Watch this Video and see.

Road Safety Recalls Database

Think you are driving a Lemon? Transport Canada has an on line database for all recalls you can look it up!

Other Bookkeeping

Adam Jones and Justin Tipuric Two Gentleman of Rugby

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. Thanks for the mention BCM.

    “Heart Attack” snowfall is right. I just gave up after a while a had beer 😉

    Have a great weekend,

    @Blunt Bean Counter, Go SENS! Damn that Blue Team.

  2. BCM, thx for mention. I also have had people call for references when they had not informed me. It takes so much restraint for me when I get a reference call for someone who was not a skilled employee to not say so, but hey, restraint beats court.

    My NHL protest could be waning. So far I have not watched the first period of any Leaf game and have typically PVRed the third period, but they could wear me down if they keep playing well. Sens hanging in somehow.

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