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Floods, Explosions, See Thru Lu Lu’s and Friday #ShoutOuts

It’s evident that the CEO is unfairly laying the blame on the Engineer, but there’s more to this story that will undoubtedly surface in the coming weeks. The inability to accurately determine the number of casualties due to the intense fire points to the need for a thorough review of the regulations governing the transportation of hazardous materials by rail, including oil. It’s mind-boggling that the amount of oil transported by rail has skyrocketed by a whopping 2700% in the past ten years due to pipeline saturation.

Looks like someone is trying to drown Toronto with even a larger amount of water than a few weeks back causing the city to be crippled by more flooding. In Ottawa heavy rain usually means the sewer system overloads and starts dumping directly into the Ottawa River (many special surprises for those down river from Ottawa). Rumor has it that a chap called Noah might be running as next Mayor of Toronto, but that is unconfirmed.

Evidently the Lu Lu Lemon folks think that their “see through” yoga pants were actually folks that were wearing clothing that was too small for them. Are they saying that folks wear clothing smaller sizes than they should, to help their ego? I have been a size 32 my entire life (of course my trousers are now down below my knees ( and that is your hideous mental image for the weekend).

My Weekly Recap

The dog days of summer are here, but fear not I will be bringing you quality articles all summer long (yes, I don’t believe that any more than you do):

My Writings for Week Ending July 12th

Did Toronto Call in the Navy for all this Rain?

Carnival of Personal Finance #421 : Free Agent Mania Edition!

As usual a few folks were not happy with my sarcastic commentary, can’t understand why? Oh yes because I am a sarcastic “Poo-head”, now I get it.

Employment Unchanged for June in Canada

Neither bad nor good news in terms of jobs in Canada, but over all things look a bit better.

Hospital Parking Rant

Maybe we need to have medical parking insurance that will pay for the money we have to spend going to the hospital?

What is Money?

Money and valuing it is not easy, and I have tried to train my kids to understand how much they are paying for some things.

Almost All-Star break for Baseball, just another 4 more months left in the season:

Top Stories of the Week of July 12th

The CFL is in Full Swing Too, Luckily they are supposed to play games in the snow

Retailer Strategy of Charging Less than Advertised

Michael James asks how much really for those shorts, but since he was at the Bay, the price was not obvious.

Lifetime coffee spend

Data Genetics brings us a handy on line calculator to figure out just how much your vices are costing you and have cost you throughout your lifetime.

Would you want free tuition, in exchange for a percentage of income?

Krystal Yee comments on a very interesting idea about a different financing model for Post-secondary education, might be an idea that needs closer scrutiny.

Finally, A Urinal You Can Wash Your Hands In

Yes little things please little minds, but Popular Science really does have the coolest gadget section, if a bit crude.

Sleepy Portfolio 2Q-2013 Update

The Canadian Capitalist returns to give us an update on a good sample portfolio for long term index investing.

Did you notice that Google Reader is now dead? I am now using Feedly to read RSS feeds, is anyone found anything better or different?

 MIT Shows Your Friends Graph with Gmail

A very interesting tool from MIT that will graph your sphere of influence from your Gmail Account. I tried it, but if you are worried about your on line privacy, remember you are giving it access to your GMAIL account too.

Smart takes on rising interest rates from smart people

Mark from My Own Advisor goes with the experts takes on the upcoming interest rate increases (that I have been promising for 3 years now!).


FX HORIZONS: Move Over Economists; Time to Give Physicists a Turn

Using Physics in monetary matters? The Wall Street Journal suggests that maybe this is a better idea than leaving it to economists.



Riscario asks that very question, and has a couple of solid points (that if they aren’t fixed, “… someone might die…” (OK he didn’t say that, but that is one of Mike’s catch phrases).

Five money-saving tips for those epic summer road trips

Preet is back in the Globe to help us have cheaper road trips, although he doesn’t mention the need for sedation if you bring your kids.

Videos that Go Boom

Unfortunately I didn’t find this video for Exploding Christmas last week, so here a little late is a cool thing that went KAPOW!

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. It’s amazing how CEOs are completely responsible for all company successes, but can’t find their asses with both hands when something goes wrong. Thanks for the mention.

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