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Canajun Finances Home » Taxes Done, Drones, Playoffs and Friday #ShoutOuts

Taxes Done, Drones, Playoffs and Friday #ShoutOuts

Hope your taxes were in on Tuesday, because if not, you might be in trouble (especially if you are part of the $29 Billion dollars still owed to the government in Taxes). Does this mean H&R Block’s business slows down? I don’t think so, it won’t be quite as crazy as it has been lately, but all businesses have their ups and downs. Well known Leaf lover the Blunt Bean Counter is now able to sit back, relax and enjoy the Leafs in the playoffs (for the first time in HD), I enjoyed that first game at least.

The Reaper Drone Coming to Your Neighbourhood?

Keeping up with my fun stories in the news, evidently an ambitious Entrepreneur in the states wants to introduce Drone Shield a system to tell whether a drone is following you (honestly I am not making this crap up).  I already own a Raspberry Pi, so I guess maybe I can make my own “home brew” version of this, since many times around the Big Cajun Chateau I hear drones (or airplanes, or maybe they are just really big sparrows, not sure). Does this mean I have to update my Thought Shield Helmetâ„¢ to watch for drones as well?

The NHL Playoffs begin and thus the orgy of Hockey on Canadian TV begins and should last until about July, if I am correct in my estimations. I seem to remember the playoffs finishing around now when I was a kid, but back then there were only 12 teams too (and no one wore helmets). Makes me want to strap the National Geographics to my shins, break off a tree limb and play some hockey myself!

My Weekly Recap

The auditor general’s report always brings out the most interesting stuff, I am thinking of putting in an offer to the CRA to do some Tax Collection for them:

My Writings for Week Ending May 3rd

“…Hello Out There, We’re On the Air, It’s Hockey Night Tonight…”

Best of: Best Financial Advice Ever

May Dad passed away two years ago and this is one of my favorite anecdotal stories he told me.

Investing and System Backups the same?

Bit of a stretch in terms of a metaphor, but I stand by my statement.

Tax Day 2013

How did you celebrate this exciting day? I already did my taxes, so it passed without incident.

$ 29 Billion in Arears ?

The Auditor General’s report is always a hoot to read and finding out that the CRA can’t collect taxes well was the most entertaining part of the report.

Numbers are the Enemy

I’ve always said that if I never looked at my bank balances I wouldn’t actually have any financial difficulties.


May Day came and went without incident in Canada, but there were riots in Seattle? Did someone give them Espresso when they asked for Decaf?:

Top Stories of the Week of May 3rd

How Did You Celebrate May Day?

When Should You Start Collecting CPP?

Michael James points out that this question does not have a straight forward answer if you crunch the numbers. For me, I may collect earlier.

Frequently Complained Questions

Mr. Money Mustache is getting quite the following down south, but with fame and notoriety, comes some interesting questions too.

Broken Keyboard

Data Genetics points out the dangers of a broken keyboard to your correspondence. Remember the Penis Mightier than the Sword or Pubic Key Encryption all pass spell check nicely, however…

Kelly the robot helps kids tackle autism

Understanding how the brain in an Autistic child works is a challenge, and this article caused me to pause and wonder why this works, don’t have any answers, but it’s interesting none the less.

Should I implement the Smith Manoeuvre?

Mark from My Own Advisor wonders about whether he should try out the infamous Smith Manoeuvre. I wouldn’t do this, but I am also an admitted “nervous nelly” with these kind of ideas as well.

So-called Best Rate sites are put to the test with shocking results.

Shopping for best mortgage rates on line? Canada Mortgage news has some shocking results on their quick survey of a few of these sites.

This Post has Gone Walk About

Plan to Save your Closing Costs

Gail Vaz-Oxlade talks about a subject that trips up a lot of first time home buyers, which is the closing costs. I know it hurt us on our first home.

Ten Financial Lessons We Can Learn from Warren Buffett

The Blunt Bean Counter finds a very interesting infographic on some of the Wizard of Omaha’s ideas about money, well worth having a look at it.

 Why Your Beer Gets So Warm On Humid Days

Hey it’s the summer here in Ottawa (or very close) and this is an important question being answered by our friends at Popular Science

Lending Money To Friends And Family

Boomer hits a very sensitive subject, lending money to Family can end up being a donation instead (maybe you should just start with that).

There is a right way, and a wrong way, to financially indulge

Preet writes in the Globe about how sometimes you should be careful how you splurge financially.

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. So you’re also a raspberry pi hacker! It is a great little computer.

    one site that I use for purchasing the computer and accessories is The lady who runs the site is an MIT graduate specializing in educating kids in electronics. You might enjoy visiting the site.



    ps you are very well connected via social media but I am a dinosaur. How do I send a private email? couldn’t find the link but my eyes are not what they used to be. 😉

  2. Shouldn’t a Drone Shield be a WASP? (Wormhole Anti-Spy Protector) Something that would suck the Drone into an alternate universe where Spock could analyze it if Jim couldn’t mate with it? (Ok, I’m impatient for the movie.)

    I saw a car today with a big Leaf sticker on the one side and a big Bruin sticker on the other. Family squabble? Hedging his bets? Not sure.

  3. The drone shield isn’t as far fetched as you might think. They’re already at the point in the U.S. where there’s discussion about the use of drones by private entities and law enforcement, because it’s actually happening down there. There’s some questions that need to be answered along the way – should law enforcement be allowed to use drones for patrolling public property? What about private property, should the local police be allowed to regularly monitor your backyard using a drone? That’s a bit more dubious. What about private security companies flying over your land? What about your neighbour running a drone over your backyard to watch you sunbathe by your pool? I think some of this is not explicitly legal or illegal just yet because they’re just starting to actually do this.

    And it’s worse in the U.S. I suppose Canadians might be OK with law enforcement using this stuff, but in the states you’ve got crazy people living in fortified compounds waiting for armaggedon, and those folks are going to object strenuously to anyone flying over their lands, including law enforcement. Those folks would seem to be a strong market for drone shield and other tinfoil related products.

  4. BCM,

    Like many Leaf fans, I was hoping the Leafs would avoid the Bruins. I swear, the first game reminded me of when my son played “A” hockey and they went to a tourney in the US which had different age groups and classifications. We played a team a year up that was closer to a “AA” team. They won ever battle, it looked like our sticks were broken when we tried to clear as each pass never made it out of our zone and our best players pulled Houdini’s. Like the Leaf’s in game 1. It also brought back memories of the 1969 Playoffs when the Bruins beat the leafs 10-0 (sort of memories, I only remember fights galore)

    It much as it pains me, I can’t believe not only how fast Erik Karlsson came back, but how quickly he has returned to an elite level. How someone can miss months and step right back in is truly amazing.

    Anyways, there is always Saturday

    1. Yes very much men playing boys for that game (it looked like). As for Karlsson, stem cells? Adrien Petersen came back in amazing way from a knee injury, so maybe medicine is getting better at recovery, but yeh it’s amazing (hell I can barely walk on my gamey knee, wish I could recover from it).

      There is always the next game (for the Sens and Habs it’s tonight, for some reason Bruins and Leafs get a 2 night rest?)

      1. There’s nothing more disappointing than watching the Leafs play terribly after such a long wait to get back into the playoffs.
        I too was disappointed when Boston sealed their fate with the Leafs losing the last regular season game to Ottawa, and you’re right, there’s always Saturday 🙂

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