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Stock Frauds, Senate Expenses, Twitter wrong and Friday #ShoutOuts

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Canada land of the swindler? That seems to be the case in an alleged Penny Stock Fraud that the U.S. Justice department is investigating. As Canadians I would have thought we had learned our lessons on Penny Stock Abnormalities with Bre-X and a few of the other mining stocks, but evidently there is always someone who is trying to “make a quick buck”, however there are also folks looking for them so they can “make a quick buck” too.

Senator Pam Wallen is being raked across the coals for her expenses, which she claims followed the rules of the senate at the time, but there was one example that I heard that had me scratching my head. She had gone to Toronto for Senate business and to attend a Porter Airlines event (which she is a member of the board), and she submitted expenses to the Senate for that trip, however, as a member of the board, wouldn’t Porter have also paid for expenses on that trip? I am easily confused so perhaps I don’t have all the data, and I don’t mean to point an accusatory pen at anyone, however, it does make me wonder.

Evidently a Mr. Lube employee was bored and decided to use Twitter to find some recreational inhalents and the York regional police were glad to help him out, I weep for this generation:

My Weekly Recap

The Fall is on the event horizon and it is full on Back to School Time:

My Writings for Week Ending August 16th

Back to School Kiddies

39000 Less Jobs in July in Canada ? Oh dear…

Not good news from our Stats Canada friends unfortunately, and a slowing job market too.

Do You Make More than You Did 5 Years Ago?

Of course you don’t it was a trick question, ever since you bought that time share condo, and the Gold Futures you are a little farther behind.

A Sure Fire Make it Rich Scheme

If anyone can send me a copy of this Almanac, I’d be much appreciative.

Humor: ATM Machine

An oldie but moldy from Bruce Schneiers about blowing up ATM machines real good.

Links for the Week

Welcome to the new mammal the olinguito :

Top Stories of the Week of August 16th

A new Mammal in the Jungles of Ecuador? Whodathunkit ?

Dividend Investing Advantages and Disadvantages

Michael James does a run down on Dividend Investing that is quite extensive and a very interesting read.

Want to remember something? Forget it

Quartz brings us an interesting idea, if you are distracted you end up remembering things better? Hey it’s in a scientific study, so it must be true!

Baby Monitors Can Be Hacked, And So Can Everything Else

Popular Science points out that lots of things can now be hacked, and used for some really creepy ideas (screaming obscenities at your kid?!?!).

High Interest Savings Accounts at Discount Brokers

The Canadian Capitalist revisits a previously published article with some additions to update the content.

How to Argue With a Couch Potato

The Canadian Couch Potato attempts to address (debunk?) some of the more interesting argument against Couch Potato Investing concepts.

July 2013 Dividend Income Update

Mark from My Own Advisor bravely tells us about his July dividend income numbers (wonder if he read Michael James’ article? 🙂 ).

Celebrating Three Years Of Boomer & Echo

Boomer and Echo celebrate their third year of blogging, young pups, wait ’til they get to 8 cranky years like me!

 A super (secret) way to quadruple your charitable giving

Preet writes in the Globe (who has a pay wall, so be careful how many times you read) about the first time givers bonus for tax purposes.

Khan Academy and the Rule of 72

Let’s get back to the Khan Academy, and their spin on the rule of 72:

The Rule of 72 for Compound Interest: Using the Rule of 72 to approximate how long it will take for an investment to double at a given interest rate

Other Bookkeeping

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  • Michael James August 17, 2013, 1:13 PM

    Funny tweets. Thanks for the mention.

  • My Own Advisor August 16, 2013, 12:36 PM

    Ha. Funny tweets. Have to be careful what you post online, the world is watching and if YRP won’t find you, BCM will!

    Thanks for the shoutout BCM, have a great weekend,


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