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Canajun Finances Home » Egypt, July 4th, Sweltering Summer, Alfie and Friday #ShoutOuts

Egypt, July 4th, Sweltering Summer, Alfie and Friday #ShoutOuts

It’s interesting how the Egyptian military throwing out an allegedly democratically elected President is being hailed as a great democratic change. In many countries, that might be called a Coup (ask King Farouq, the last Egyptian leader to run acropper of the military), but maybe it’s just me.

The 4th of July celebrations in the U.S. were their normal explosive greatness. I’m glad to see that in Canada, we have our own nut bags (speaking of explosives) who wanted to cause their own mayhem on Canada Day in Victoria (allegedly). Homegrown loonies, and you wonder why they call Canadians American wannabes?

What’s it all about Alfie? Going to play for the Bruins? There is another reason to hate the Bruins (being a life long Habs fan, it is genetic, however, my Sens cheering persona can now have a good reason to have the Baby Bears too).

My Weekly Recap

A short work week for most of us in Canada or the U.S. , but still plenty of things to write about:

My Writings for Week Ending July 5th

Canada Day and 4th of July All Wrapped into One Week

Happy Canada Day 2013

A sad excuse of a post, but I did want to wish my readers a happy day off.

Another Interesting Funeral Cost

I am learning far too much about funeral costs these days, and this one is an interesting one.

Let’s Take a Mental Vacation From Thinking about Money

If you are nuts enough to do this, you are playing right into the banks’ hands.

Listen Like a Welder

What does Billy Connolly know about money? He knows an expensive carpet for one thing.

Now that we have had “exploding Christmas” the summer can officially begin:

Top Stories of the Week of July 4th

Just remember these hot days in January when it’s bloody freezing

Dividends More Stable Than Capital Gains

I think Michael James missed the ? at the end of the title of this article. An interesting discussion of why Dividend investing  is good, but not just for Dividend Income.

The Forbes Fictional 15

Ever wonder who are the richest fictional characters? Forbes figures it out for us, and Smaug rules!!

Why a Diversification is a Piece of Cake

The Canadian Couch Potato points out to the gloating Bond Bears that predicting something for 4 years doesn’t make it prediction.

Gone Golfing

The Blunt Bean Countr is going to be taking the summer off from blogging, and will be sharpening his golf skills, good on him!

Thinking again about time

The Physics of Finance starts talking about time and it’s importance with money, quite thought provoking stuff.

The Science Of Car Hacking

Popular Science attempt to debunk the concept that Hackers will try to kill us by hacking our cars. They can cause a lot of mayhem, but auto-assassination isn’t likely (yet).

Big Brother Sales Up 7000%

I borrowed this from a Preet Tweet, but evidently Orwell’s tale of the ultimate sharing society, is flying off the shelves again.

Five essentials to be a better investor

My Own Advisor gives us a few simple rules to follow as an investor.

Did you notice that Google Reader is now dead? I am now using Feedly to read RSS feeds, is anyone found anything better or different?

@JonChevreau reveals how you can achieve Findependence

Preet brings us another Podcast with another favorite Jon Chevreau talking about Financial Independence.

Inspirational Video

Another interesting video with a 4th of July spin on it about Rick Monday (a name hated in Montreal for the infamous Blue Monday Homerun to end the Expos playoff run):

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Nope, no question mark. Dividends really are more stable than capital gains. It’s just that this fact doesn’t lead to superior returns.

  2. BCM,

    Thx for the link and your support during the year. I need the summer off to recharge myself so I can continue my witty repartee with you during the year 🙂

    Have a good summer and see you in Sept at the blogger conference.

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