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Canada Day, 4th of July, Flooding and Some Random Thoughts

A busy long weekend ahead here in Canada with Canada Day falling on a Monday, so we all get a lovely long weekend. Given the horrible flooding in Calgary (and in other spots now), a long weekend may not be that enjoyable for everyone. Will Calgary be able to get ready for the Stampede? They say they will be ready. Let’s hope they are right (it hasn’t been cancelled yet).

Thursday next week is the 4th of July down south, so it also looks like an extra long weekend for them. Many things will be blown up here for Canada Day (i.e. fireworks). However, our friends down south take that to a different level for the 4th of July, and in the words of Big Jim McBob, they blow up things real good!

This won’t be my regular best-of post for the week. We are dealing with the death of my Mother-in-Law to Cancer (a long, very tough fight), so my apologies for the shortness of the post. The regular Friday post should return next week (or maybe I’ll rethink it and try to make it more interesting).  Cancer is an insidious and nasty disease; hopefully, one day, we can stop losing loved ones to it.

If you wish to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society, click here.

You can read about my Mother-in-Law on the Halton Learning Disability Association as well, and if you wish to donate to that organization, please do.

“Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.” 

Jim Valvano

My Weekly Recap

A sad week for my family, but I did manage to get a few posts out, including Barry’s rather controversial post, which seems to have created quite a stir (note, I have edited the comments not to name the insurance company in question, this is mostly to protect ME):

My Writings for Week Ending June 28th

Signs your adviser doesn’t know anything

Barry certainly rattled a lot of cages with this one, lots of entertaining comments too!

Trust no one in this world with your cash

Conan the Barbarian and financial advice seem odd bed fellows, but I think it works.

No Bank Would Do That!

I resurrected an old chestnut from my archives, about how to be a terrible bank customer.

A Very Topical Video

Jim Valvano was one of my favourite coaches, and his life was cut short, but not before he had a ferocious battle with Cancer, I find hope in this video (Jimmy I try to Laugh, Love and Cry every day):

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. My condolences. l have lost several family members to cancer, and can understand what you are going through. Keep them in your thoughts and they are never really gone.

  2. You and your wife have our sympathies and prayers. My Mum-in-law also died from cancer. The dedication of the library sounds like a wonderful tribute.

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