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Mad Dog, English Men, I’m OK and #Shoutouts

A sad week with the passing of a childhood villain/hero Maurice “the Mad Dog” Vachon. Mad Dog battled all comers, good guys, bad guys he didn’t care, he was a wild man and a true show man. Today’s wrestlers owe a large debt of gratitude to Maurice, who worked well into his 60’s and always “did his duty” in terms of putting over other wrestlers and such too. For me, he will always be the model for the “Tough Son of a Gun“, and I am saddened that he has left us. Hopefully he is biting Tarzan Tyler’s head, and stomping on Andre the Giants hand in a giant Battle Royale wherever they have gone.

The Ultimate Wrestler mad dog
Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon

As for the English Men, I was delighted to hear that the remaining Monty Python lads will be getting together to do a stage show some time in the future. It should be interesting to see what they brew up for our entertainment, as it has been a while since they last worked together in a Python fashion.

For those who don’t understand my title, it is a reference to a song written (and sung) by Noel Coward about how only “Mad Dogs and Englishmen“, go out in the noon day’s sun. It is also a very interesting album (and movie) by Joe Cocker.

As for Mad Dogs, no, I won’t make a reference to Mayor Ford, but you could fill in the blanks on that one any how.

I have just finished the 6th “management seminar” of my long career, and I am glad to see that the “I’m OK, You’re OK Corral” management science world continues to churn out new (and interesting) ideas of how to be a better manager. If you catch me using the expression “Mental Model” that is me using one of the new and exciting buzz words from this seminar (and you know my love for buzzwords).

My Weekly Recap

My Writings for Week Ending November 22nd

Seems a Week for 4% Solutions, don’t it?

The 4% Draw Down Theory

It alls started with an article I read on Reddit, I swear!

Just an Attractive Bag of Medical Conditions

Nobody called me on the “attractive” portion of the title. C’mon readers, if I am going to have to lob them in, you need to hit them out of the park!

Did Shylock Have the Right Idea?

This one has been hanging around in my “unfinished article” bin, not sure I like how it went, I was expecting folks to jump on this one, just goes to snow I can’t really tell how folks will react to my writings.

The 4% Draw Down Theory (again)

I added in Inflation to the scenario, and it got really depressing to look at. If anyone wants the spreadsheet, just ask.

Choice Picks for the Week

An interesting week in the world of personal finance writing, shall we wander around and see what’s what? OK, let’s do that:

Mad Dog Tribute

The CBC covered his final bout here:

Non-Financial Magic Video

Will Houdini escape the straight-jacket?

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. I only got to see Mad Dog a few times on TV, but I was definitely entertained. I also recall that there were quite a few adults in my neighbourhood who believed that the wrestling was real competition. I hope that’s not true of modern day “pro wrestling”. Thanks for the mention.

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