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Loose Money, Faster Sites, the Heat is On and Friday #ShoutOuts

The new Bank of Canada Governor announced on Wednesday no change in the interest rates for now, with the overnight rate continuing at 1%.  To quote the Bank of Canada Web site:

As long as there is significant slack in the Canadian economy, the inflation outlook remains muted, and imbalances in the household sector continue to evolve constructively, the considerable monetary policy stimulus currently in place will remain appropriate. Over time, as the normalization of these conditions unfolds, a gradual normalization of policy interest rates can also be expected, consistent with achieving the 2 per cent inflation target.

So it sounds a bit repetitive, but as long as the economy continues its swoon, there will be no interest rate hikes soon.

This site should be loading a little faster than it has been, as I am experimenting with some new technology that should speed things up a little. I have had a few complaints about loading speed, so I actually do listen to your complaints (sometimes).

The sweltering summer of 2013 continues on in Ottawa, where the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye (as well). I am not complaining about the heat, because I remember full well just  how bloody cold it was in January of this same year. Let’s hope the heat breaks a little this weekend, so I can cut my grass without fear of getting a massive heat headache.

My Weekly Recap

We are luckily not in the Sharknado region of North America, let’s hope that one of those nasty things doesn’t come up the Saint-Lawrence valley towards us:

My Writings for Week Ending July 19th

Loose Money and Hot Temperatures means it’s a Great Summer

Pay Day Loan Mortgages ?

What the heck does a Sharknado have to do with a Financial Blog? Hey, I can make that work, no problem!

Credit Repair a Fallacy?

Using a credit repair firm too soon might be like having plastic surgery too soon after a crash diet.

Keep Those Receipts for the CRA

You might think with E-filing you might not have to keep your receipts, and if you think that, you are very mistaken.

Success Sells

Actually the title really should be “To be Successful Sell Success”, but it was too cumbersome.


All Star break is over, will the Jays come back? Will Texas and New York declare formal war? Many interesting questions for the summer:

Top Stories of the Week of July 19th

The Open is on this Weekend Showing that Golf Can be played in any Weather (whether it should be is another question)

Change your financial tune for success

Mark from My Own Advisor points out that obsessing about money may not be the best thing to do (however an odd thing for a


Looking back 5 years.. which mortgage product did your Banker recommend in 2008?

Canadian Mortgage News discusses what weird things your banker may have recommended only 5 years ago.

Why Your Problem Is Not Your Funds

The Canadian Couch Potato tries to elaborate on why you can’t out perform the market, but I’ll bet there are a bunch of folks who won’t believe it and still try the latest “out perform the market” scheme.

Personal Computer Costs and Trade-Offs

Michael James does seem to be joining the Blunt Bean Counter with a more laid back summer output, but he does ask a good question about what is the best upgrade you can do to your new computer to make it last longer? I agree with his hypothesis.

As cyber attacks detonate, banks gird for battle one of my favorite sites to read, points out that we may be on the verge of a full on cyber war but not just between Super Powers, also between Bad Guys and the Banks.


Sleepy Mini Portfolio Q2-2013 Update

The Canadian Capitalist is back with an update on his Sleepy Mini-Portfolio, which I actually mimic in my RRSP, seems to be doing quite fine.


The Surprising Origin Of Earth’s Gold

Popular Science points out that all that Bling may not have come from where you thought it came from (well the Gold in the Bling, anyhow).

Financial industry needs more transparency on fees

Preet has actually said this before and I do agree with him whole-heartedly, and simply stating “we put them in the prospectus” really isn’t good enough.

Fun Golf GIF

Yes, I do enjoy the open for many reasons, but this is really a great reason:

He Broke it!!!

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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