Identifiable, the Iron Sheik, Remembrance Day, More Word Puzzles and Friday #ShoutOuts

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So my concerns that if I put my real face on my Social Media accounts were just paranoia on my part, as no one on the streets of Ottawa, or maybe folks are afraid to talk to me, who knows?

Glad to see that Toronto politics hasn’t turned into a media circus, and a voice of reason has entered the discussion: the Iron Sheik. I have always enjoyed the Iron Sheik’s antics, maybe he can solve this whole situation by putting it all into his infamous Camel Clutch. Really must figure out what font sarcasm should use.

Monday is  Remembrance Day, just remember to take a few moments to say Thanks to the folks who serve and have served in our military (and paid the ultimate price).

This week I include another Word Puzzle for you to solve, the answer is at the bottom of this post:

What could this one mean?

What could this one mean?

My Weekly Recap

My Writings for Week Ending November 8th

We Shall Remember on Monday

Disabled Children School Fees Medical Credit

Continuing to attempt to pay it forward I include a step by step on how to apply for the Medical Tax Credit for disabled children schooling.

Medical Tax Credit for School Costs Template

Two templates for letters applying for the medical tax credit for your disabled child. Hopefully they help too.

“I Wasn’t Lying. You didn’t ask the correct questions”

Toronto is never dull, you have to give them that. I am astounded but then again, being from Montreal not that surprised either.

I took another day off? What the heck is going on here?


Choice Picks for the Week

On Monday I have the day off, like all Civil Servants, which signals the beginning of the Christmas orgy of spending (in Ottawa at least), however, we shall also remember:

Word Puzzle

Did you get it? It’s pretty straight forward for you financial folks:

A Big Money Mess

Those are SHORT short

In my day, those were not that short, and I wore those kind of keds, thank you very much!

In Case You Think I am Shallow

Yes I do read the Dalai Lama

But I also like Sandra Boynton too!

Other Bookkeeping

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  • My Own Advisor November 9, 2013, 9:08 AM

    Thanks for the mention! Enjoy the weekend!

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    Thanks for the mention. Keep buying high and selling low!


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