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Canajun Finances Home » Senators, Twisters, Water and Friday #ShoutOuts

Senators, Twisters, Water and Friday #ShoutOuts

To say the entire Senators Expenses Event is more ridiculous than a Christmas Panto (usually an excuse for men to dress up as women (no I am not writing about the senate with that one (or am I?))). We have differing reports, we have misstatements about how loans are paid off, and we have two folks who were previously “highly respected” members of the media now being accused of being spend-thrifts with the public’s money. All in all a very entertaining brand of political fun and games. I look forward to see what weird turn in the road may be coming next? If Harper nominates a Pantomime Horse to be a Senator, his ascent to “Full on Caligula” will be complete.

Unfortunately the Ottawa Senators hockey club seems to be heading in the same direction as the aforementioned Senators, oh dear, that was a butt whuppin on Wednesday.

The Finest Pantomime Horse on TV, Secretariat (see Craig Ferguson Show for details) or is that Senator Secretariat ?

In Oklahoma we saw the shear power of nature and it’s ability to obliterate all man made things in an instant. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and the survivors after this horrific weather event.

In Montreal there was a boil water order for more than half the island proper (including my family that still lives there). Nice to see that a City of over a million has a single point of failure in their water distribution system. Luckily there are no issues with any other parts of the infrastructure in Montreal (just drive really fast under most overpasses).

My Weekly Recap

I was hoping to get a quick loan from the PMO just to tide me over until my next pay, however, that didn’t happen:

My Writings for Week Ending May 24th

This is the May 2-4 weekend, but it’s not a long weekend?

Best of: Rule of 72

Want to know how fast your investments will take to double? It is not as hard as you think.

Happy Victoria Day

I trust we all did have a good Victoria Day? I did, it was just over to quickly.

Inflation at 0.4 % For April in Canada

Inflation is lower, because of gas prices? Seems to be a bit of a repetitive message these days, but that may change next month.

And the Horse You Rode in On

The full expression is not to be discussed in polite circles, but it is very appropriate to how I felt after dealing with Rogers.

How To: Mortgage Schedule

It isn’t that hard to figure out how much your mortgage payments are going against the principle in your loan payments.

My site continues to be a site under attack from many different forces on the Internet, so far no one has penetrated my defences yet, but if you come here one day and find the site has turned into a site selling Pay Day Loans, you’ll know something is not very right (over 1000 attack commands a day so far):

Top Stories of the Week of May 24th

Should we Bring Up Climate Change and the Power of Nature?

Should You Discuss Your Salary with Friends, Co-Workers or Family?

The BBC brings us an interesting question. When I grew up my Father and Mother never talked to me about money, but is that the right thing?

Target Canada or Target USA: which is cheaper?

Krystal Yee does a quick comparison for us to see whether we as Canadians are paying more (as usual) as our cousins down south.


What Salamanders Could Teach Scientists About Growing Human Limbs

Popular Science got my attention with this interesting article into the possible regrowing of lost limbs in humans. This would be wild if the process was understood, and then open some very interesting ethical questions.

Canada’s Top Performing Companies 2013

Looking to invest in Canadian Stocks, well My Own Advisor gives a quick overview of some companies you might want to look at.


Reasons for Caution in Comparing Real Estate Returns with Stocks

I can barely figure out how much money I make or lose on the stock market, comparing it to Real Estate would be a level of complexity I wouldn’t want to attempt. Welcome back Canadian Capitalist!

Should Pitchers Wear Helmets? They Already Did.

Keith Olbermann writes about the dangers in baseball that pitchers face every day. Speaking as a former pitcher I should have worn a helmet as I got “dinged” more than once on the mound.

How on Earth Do You Decide WHEN to Sell your Shares of a Successful Stock?

Frequent commenter Bet Crooks gives us a quick run down on when and how to bail on a big money maker if you hold stocks in your portfolio.

3 Ways You’re Wasting Money at The Bank

Gail Vaz-Oxlade gives us a simple list of where you might be losing (or wasting) money at the bank.

Disagreement over Investing in Bonds

Michael James attempts to clear up some confusion about the possible dangers of investing in Bonds over the next little while.

Too Young to Retire!

Another frequent commenter Krant Cents asks the question can you be too young to retire? Depends on what you call retire I suppose.

Boy Scouts Will Allow Gay Member

An interesting decision by the Boy Scouts of America. I think it’s a decision of inclusion that may help them resume an important role in developing children. Welcome to the 21st century guys.

Forget about lattes. How much is your booze habit costing you?

Preet asks this question, which I represent, just because I want a bottle in front of me, does not mean I have an issue with buying booze.

Fun Video Nothing to Do with Money

I love the cheering for the young lad, this is how all parents should be at all sporting events:

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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