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Kicking the Can, Throne Speech, Windows 8.1 and Friday #ShoutOuts

It seems our friends down south had so much fun with almost upending the world economy that they’d like to try to do it again in January, and so that is what they have agreed upon (thus kicking the can a little farther down the road). Don’t fool yourself into believing all this silly brinkmanship is now over; it has only just begun and will have much more vitriol each time it happens. It astounds me that there is not a general cry of “Do Your Damn Jobs!” from the U.S. public (to all sides involved), but I suppose this is the new spectator sport for the 21st century.

The Throne Speech, another fun part of living in Ottawa
The Throne Speech, another fun part of living in Ottawa

The Throne Speech was an interesting nonsequitur in terms of saying much about not much. Many folks are eager to see new rules about unbundling of TV channels, and caps on roaming fees, but I am confident that the Telecomm monopolies will find a way to take this and turn it into more profits. Whatever silly rules get imposed, there will be “hired guns” on the Service Provider side of things that will make sure no one gets too good a deal (cynical yes, but also realistic).

Windows 8.1 is about to hit the streets, for those who get excited about things like that. I am still running Windows 7 mostly, so I am not that interested just yet, but I am sure that eventually I will be forced to upgrade and then will have to learn the new nuances that Microsoft has built into their User Interfaces.

My Weekly Recap

It was a shorter week, and with the gloomy fall sunrise and sunset in Ottawa, somewhat sombre days as well:

My Writings for Week Ending October 18th

I go to Work in the Dark, I come Home in the Dark … sigh…

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 Canada

We didn’t even have turkey this year, we had Chicken Parm, instead. A very odd Thanksgiving indeed.

More Working in September in Canada ?

If you look at the numbers you might feel a rush of optimism, but the devil is in the details of this report. More folks are working, but more are looking too.

Hints for a Frugal Halloween

OK it was just an excuse to complain about Halloween and the complete gong show that it has become. I will be taking my son out trick or treating if you are asking.

Financial Advice Ignored (Oh Myyy!)

You know who you are financial #askholes, stop asking for advice if you are just going to do the opposite, stop wasting both our times.

Somehow I don’t think that Pensions are Worth Zero and I believe that Michael James agrees with that statement as well. If Pensions are worth zero, my retirement is going to be a pretty lean time.

Qualifying Spousal Trusts What are They and Why do we Care, is a question that is answered by a Guest Poster on Blunt Bean Counter (a two parter), who is a Barrister and Solicitor. Mark always has some interesting stuff on his site (makes my odd posts, seem somewhat odder).

Bet Crooks (a frequent comment writer) writes about  Why an Ontario Pension Might be a Good Thing, adding another forced saving program might be good for some, but how much more will it all cost?

Mark at My Own Advisor is quite excited about:  Unbundled Cable Packages Can’t Come Soon Enough, me I am not so sure it is going to be a great savings for most of us. If anything this will cut down the number of channels, since many still exist on their subscription incomes, we shall see how this all shakes out, but my guess is this is not going to be as good as some folks hope.

Marie from Boomer and Echo asks one of the classic questions of personal finance  RRSP Contribution Or Mortgage Pay Down? The answer in my book is Pay RRSP a little and then take the refund and pay down the Mortgage, or just pay down the mortgage.

Speaking of Popular Science they warn: Baristas, The End Is Nigh: Coffee Robots Are Here but will the robots give you the same personal service that you get at your local MoonCents coffee-house?

Preet continues to put out Podcasts with this Week’s Episode: Maternity leave how returning mothers can protect themselves w/ @DavidWhittenWL remember folks that there are laws to protect folks wanting to go on “Family Leave”.

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. I’m pretty sure the cable companies answer will be offer pay-per-channel and set the rate per channel at about $10 each. People amaze me when they think they will actually see costs go down.

    It’s the same with the roaming fees. They never said they would reduce roaming charges. They said they would turn off your phone’s access to another network once you hit the $100 cap. So you wouldn’t accidentally get a $5000 bill but you also won’t get to use your phone anymore.

    Colour me cynical. (But very pleased to be mentioned. Thanks!)

  2. At least the silliness is postponed into the new year. The next set of negotiations may be easier since the Democrats have learned that they don’t need to give in as readily. Also things would speed up if the rating agencies would threaten a downgrade earlier. Principles are one thing, but money rules in politics.

    As for our own situation, we have diehard tories trying to look librral in order to stay in power. So much for principles.

    Today will be interesting. Do we have a trade deal or just a MOU?

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