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Toronto Circus, Prince Charles Retires, More Word Puzzles and Friday #ShoutOuts

This whole Toronto thing really is just a reality TV show gone off the rails, isn’t it? The three-ring circus that is unfolding in the media (which is loving all of this) would put Barnum & Bailey to shame. It’s almost like Cirque Du Soleil, in that you watch it and you think you know what is supposed to happen, but it just gets more and more bizarre each day.

Prince Charles has turned 65, so he could actually retire if he wanted to, but from what job? He hasn’t made it to King yet, so he can’t actually retire, nor does he really deserve a pension, unless the Prince of Wales gig pays well (hope not, hate to think my ancestors are propping him up financially).  With all this talk of the Baby Boomers retiring, maybe Prince Charles could be a spokesman for the over 65 crowd? Wonder if he goes to Denny’s for the 4:00 PM Early Bird specials?

Another Financial Word Puzzle
Another Financial Word Puzzle

My Weekly Recap

My Writings for Week Ending November 15th

I Actually Quoted Garth Turner This Week? WTF?

We Shall Remember

It’s important on Remembrance Day to show respect to those who have served and paid the ultimate price.

Some More Jobs in Canada (but not a lot more)

The employment numbers from Stats Canada are better, but the younger generation is still having a hard time finding jobs.

Private School Fallacy

Do you need to send your kid to a private school to get a great education? It depends, but this is where I quoted Garth, how odd.

Bazaar: Where Clutter Goes

Well maybe that isn’t completely correct, but it’s a good place to get rid of some of your clutter.

Choice Picks for the Week

It’s cold and dark outside, and I think there are wolves around, must be November in Ottawa:

Word Puzzle

Did you get it? It’s pretty very arithmetic in nature:

Account Overdraft

Preet’s Video

I hope you are subscribed to Preet’s video channel on YouTube (I guess Preet is part of the problem with all this content he is creating on YouTube, clogging up our data networks?), a Holiday Message for you from the Maven of Money:

Van Damme?

Seriously, this guy is starting to grow on me, and it is making me worry:

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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